A woman wants to be told she’s beautiful to someone. I don’t think this is simply a 21st (or 20th) century phenomenon. When I read details from Genesis 2:18-24, it’s clear how Adam felt about Eve. Imagine Adam looking at the gift Almighty God had set before him! He was so full of excitement, he couldn’t contain himself! (He might have been doing back-flips.) “Bone of my bone,” he says, “Flesh of my flesh!” In essence, he was saying to Eve, “You’re beautiful!daisyLikewise, Eve surely basked in the admiration Adam showered upon her. Even though she was the only female on the planet, every word of adoration Adam verbalized to her was an intoxicating music to her ears. She didn’t need daisies and the loves-me, loves-me-not method. There was no doubt in her mind that Adam loved her, he adored her. She was everything he could have imagined and the feelings were mutual.

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Court Jest

When I left the house this morning, I knew I’d be sitting in a courtroom. Toward the end of the day, I found myself in an unenviable position … sitting in the witness chair being questioned by three attorneys and fielding additional directions from the presiding judge! (So glad none of them were wearing the white powdered wigs I’ve seen in movies like the one below … I’d have found it hard not to laugh!)courtroom scene

I have never enjoyed being the center of attention … oh, okay, maybe in my younger years but those days are long gone! I’m much more comfortable sitting on a bench behind the railing, watching the events play out as if on a television or movie screen. That’s pretty much how the morning went before lunch (9 a.m. to noon). I’m an election official in my county and the issue before us related to election procedures. The issue was straightforward and I expected to be only an onlooker, but my name on the complaint was reason enough to be present.

It’s funny, too, because I was so confident I’d be an onlooker, I had brought an electronic device so I could sit in the background and work on my poetry! It’s not as if the hearing required my full attention; I’m able to multi-task. I had the beginnings of a whimsical poem rolling through my brain already. All I needed was a bit of time … There once was a courtroom in town, Where lawyers and judges came down … too bad I didn’t have time to finish it!  Continue Reading →

Bubble Head

There’s an old saw (with many variations) that often goes like this:  Women give sex to achieve love, men express love to get sex. It’s an interesting juxtaposition, and as with all such sayings, there are those who insist the saying is true while others contend vehemently that it’s false. In my view, the saying appears to have some basis in fact but isn’t true across the spectrum. Will Ferrell (below) creates a third option that might be preferable for some.womengivesexWhen I read about Monica Lewinsky’s most recent foray into the public spotlight yesterday (October 19th), I have to admit my impatience. I expressed my initial thoughts about her re-emergence in the Spring when Lewinsky promoted herself via a Vanity Fair first-person article. These short months later, she’s retelling her story to more than a thousand young entrepreneurs and achievers who participated in the Forbes’ 30 under 30 Summit being held in Philadelphia.

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The title of this post is courtesy of my younger daughter who told me today about a comment she fielded from someone who was observing my grandchildren (my younger daughter’s offspring). The commenter noted how my daughter’s middle child looked markedly different than his two blonde siblings. (Though their hair color is slightly obscured, pictures of these delightful children are here.)


One never quite knows how to respond to such comments. Is the person innocently observing how unique all of God’s creatures are or is the person intimating something questionable and problematic related to parentage? (I suppose a third alternative is also possible:  the commenter is dumb as a rock and has failed to think before delivering unsolicited opinions.) Continue Reading →

The Party’s Over

After a flurry of activity to launch this weekend (now almost past), it’s ended with a quiet sigh of disappointment that the time passed by so quickly. In addition to having my brother and sister-in-law come for a visit, my Beloved’s brother also called late Friday night to say he’d be rolling in around midnight!

As I heaved that quiet sigh late this afternoon, the lyrics to the long-ago song by The Lettermen came to mind:  The Party’s Over. Back in high school, this was the song most often played at the end of a dance. (I regret the YouTube to which I’ve linked above has extremely rough images should you decide to watch it and the sound quality isn’t great either. For better quality, I’m also sharing the song from my own audio collection … hit play below.)Lettermen

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Friends Forever

There’s a statement by C. S. Lewis from The Four Loves which has great currency for me. It says:  “Friendship is born at that moment when one man says to another: ‘What! You too? I thought that no one but myself ….'” Wisdom from the pen of Lewis rarely disappoints. This statement is no exception.Terri

Back in the mid-1960s, I became acquainted with one of the new girls in my class at junior high school. Little did I know that our friendship would deepen and grow, that eventually my older brother would marry her, and that we’d sustain a lifelong bond of friendship that only grows sweeter as we grow older.

Through the years as we’ve both raised our families, we’ve experienced similar (though separate) lives. After marriage, the stages of work and childbearing and completing education and more work and more education and moving to different cities as our husbands made career changes and the loss of parents in death and … all those common milestones of life, we always seemed to have the “What! You too?” moments between us. Continue Reading →

The Vilification of They

The message often starts out with an urgent statement: You Need To See This Now! In one form or another, the information that follows urges you to consider special, often proprietary, information they’re anxious to reveal to you … for a price of course … IF you respond NOW. Don’t wait, drop what you’re doing, get it now!

Because this offer isn’t going to last … Really, this is the last day or last week. So don’t miss your chance for the best value!!!!


During the virtual strong-arm pitch, there’s often a veiled (or in other cases quite direct) reference to an unnamed but nefarious enemy ‒ the ubiquitous faceless They ‒ an entity who’s on the trail to have “this video” taken down. Don’t let this happen! Watch the video now BEFORE THEY MAKE ME TAKE IT DOWN.immediately

Know what I’m talking about? The videos might be “investment” pitches or work-at-home “opportunities” or even an individual selling a self-published book or supposedly a one-of-a-kind “health and fitness” routine … to name a few I’ve run across. The purveyors play on your fear of missing out … or having to pay triple after the offer expires. They don’t let you take time for due consideration. It has to be NOW … and if you don’t believe them, don’t be surprised when you come back tomorrow and the video’s gone … because THEY MADE ME TAKE IT DOWN!
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Selfie De-generation

Today, I give you the tale of a man and his mistress. It’s a tale as old and sordid as history itself, but also as current as today’s scandal-driven news headlines as well as countless film and television plots. In this particular case, the man has his mistress. He delights in her, lavishes her with priceless baubles and they live together happily for a while, but over time, she becomes increasingly bored and decides to see other men.old-man-and-mistress-1884

Naturally, the man reacts with dismay to this turn of events. He’s jealous and wants her to himself, but the mistress finds his declarations of love to be unconvincing. If he really loves me so much, why doesn’t he make me his wife? she reasons. And, because he won’t marry her, she decides she’s not going to remain in an exclusive dalliance with him. She will toy with his emotions just exactly as he has toyed with hers. Occasionally, she even spends the night with other lovers, a pattern which makes him furious.

Eventually, the man becomes more demanding and quarrelsome, causing the mistress to leave in disgust. She travels to her father’s home to live, completely abandoning her lover. She reminds herself, there are other fish in the sea. Continue Reading →

No(!) Opinion

Because my Beloved and I are one of the diminishing number of US households that continues to maintain a landline, we’ve gotten used to contending with repeated calls from Heather and/or Rachel from Card Services. Yes, our number is on the Do Not Call Registry. I’ve even gone so far as requesting the phone company block certain numbers. For a short period of time, I even went through the process of filing regular “complaints” on the Do Not Call website. A lot of good that did … wasting more of my time. But the aggravation from these telemarketer/ scammers has continued unabated.

The 2012 news reports that purport a successful FTC action against Heather (including jail time) have yet to be borne out by my experience as she’s still getting through to me. (Is she calling from jail?) As for Rachel, I think she’s still calling, but I’ve stopped answering.Rachel-robocall

Now, with the Mid-Term Election only three weeks from today, we’ve once more entered that crazy lunatic land populated by non-stop Robocalls and Opinion Polls. Because we’re in Arkansas where there are a number of hotly-contested races, the political ads have been running since March and the polling has seemed almost constant since Labor Day. Continue Reading →

CS . . . I

Customer Service (CS) is an area where retailers try to outdo each other. They may not be able to help the customers distinguish a difference in merchandise, but Customer Service is memorable. Customers remember when they’ve been treated poorly … or when and where they’ve been well-treated and appreciated for being nothing more than a customer.

In this regard, Kohl’s Department Store is a terrific place! For one, our local Kohl’s store isn’t situated in the mall, but in a strip mall area. This location keeps my stress level down because I don’t have to enter the nearby mall itself. (No, I don’t care much for shopping in general.) So Kohl’s is ideal for me … if a product is unavailable at Amazon or must be seen/handled before purchase, Kohl’s works for me. I can find clothing, gifts and housewares all in the same location.kohls2

Kohl’s has a return policy that is crazy good! They call it “Hassle-Free Returns” and they mean it … because as someone who changes her mind, I’ve returned plenty of things so I speak from first-hand experience. I may like an item in the store, then get home and realize the purchase was a mistake. No point in letting that hideous thing be a constant reminder hanging there in the back of my closet … it goes back to the store! Since they promise No Questions Asked – Hassle-Free returns, you’d better believe I’m going to make them keep that promise. Kohls

If you’ve dealt with other retailers who require a pint of blood … and your first-born child (potty-trained, of course) … before they issue a store credit that expires in 30, 60, or 90 days … and you can only redeem it on Tuesday between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m., you’ll understand my affinity to Kohl’s and their return policy. Continue Reading →

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