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Always Look Up

The grandchildren have gone home. We grandparents are sufficiently fatigued to the point of inactivity. (A fair accounting should reflect that my Beloved, with the help of our hard working son-in-law, dug two deep holes today and planted a couple sugar maples in the front yard. So whatever fatigue he’s feeling wasn’t only a by-product […]

The Proverbs 31 Model

Today in Arky-Barky land, the second day of a two-day event occupies my younger daughter’s attention. (The grandchildren and her sweet husband have slipped away on a day-trip visit to see the other grandparents.) My daughter is occupied with the NWA Boutique Show, an annual event where local merchants (and some from surrounding states) bring […]

Failure No Longer An Option

It’s been a long time since I sat in the bleachers watching one or another of my children playing sports. At various times, we were spectators for t-ball, soccer, softball, little league baseball, Kiwanis Kids Day football, junior high basketball and football, and senior high basketball and football. I feel like I’ve probably left something […]

Keeping Young . . . ?

Three delightful grandchildren from T-town are here for the weekend. “G.” has already helped me operate the complex television remote (he’s an electronic whiz), “T.” has built a handful of Lego vehicles and watched football (6 years old but he had to have a football game playing on tv) and two year old “V.” just […]

Sock It To Me!

With the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays quickly approaching − and the retail stores doing their best to capture gift-givers by displaying almost every conceivable gift and decoration − this is probably an appropriate time to begin with seasonal verse. Fair warning before you read Stocking Stuffers:  only the title would qualify it as a seasonal […]

The Rant

… I’m tired. … Scratch that. I am sick to death! … I’ve had it up to here! (See Squidward’s hand? Mine is way higher than his head.) My patience is utterly sapped by the current cultural disposition that demands an unrelenting, dictatorial homogeneity of thought disguised in the garb of all-inclusive diversity! No divergence […]

Powers: “It’s true. It’s completely true.”

This isn’t the post I’d planned for today! I was all geared up for a rant, something caustic, something certain to heat up the broadband cable at least as far as the wall and possibly, stretching all the way to the phone pole from whence my cable cometh! … But things changed when I sorted […]

My Father’s World

As I get older, I find taking time off on what some folks refer to as “The Lord’s Day” brings me back to the week ahead with renewed vigor. Taking time off doesn’t mean I lie abed all day, but the ordinary tasks that keep my hands and mind far too occupied during a normal […]

A Crisis of Faith

In last Thursday’s post, Ever Been to Nando’s, I talked about the refreshingly honest portrayal of Rev. Adam Smallbone’s crisis of faith. A Google search for the term crisis of faith results in a predictably large number of hits, including articles that explore Mother Teresa and John F. Kennedy, both of whom experienced this phenomenon. […]

31-Day Blogging Challenge Wrap-Up

Participating in the 31-Day Blogging Challenge for the month of October has ended. I can’t remember where it was I first saw information about the challenge, but I remember signing up almost immediately! This was a challenge I needed, a natural fit to get my blog back on the production track. Apparently, at least 81 […]

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