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Let’s Talk Poe(sy)

The word of the day is Poe(sy). Stay with me and I’ll explain. But first … Given that yesterday was Edgar Allan Poe’s birthday (noted in my post here), it should not have been a surprise to me that others might also be marking the occasion by blogging about him. But it was a surprise! […]

Happy Birthday, Edgar Allan Poe(t)

Today, I mark the two-hundred-fifth birthday of Edgar Allan Poe. As one of the earliest American writers of renown, Poe’s life unfolds a cautionary tale in our general understanding about the struggles and motivation often thought to be required of a writer. In some respects, he epitomized the stereotype of a tortured soul driven to […]

The Tale of Bobbie Pringle, Part II

This is part two in my mother’s story (written in her own words) of how she and my dad met. Part one is here. Ruthe Continues:   Next morning I put my plan into action. After bringing her two coffees as well as a pack of cigarettes (I knew she wouldn’t turn down some smokes from […]

The Tale of Bobbie Pringle, Part I

Were my dad still alive today (he died in 1994), he and my mom would be celebrating 68 years of marriage at the end of this month. That’s a picture of her from the 40s. (—->) For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved hearing about how my parents met and the various details […]

Time Capsule

Growing up in the 60s and early 70s, I think I must have absorbed some of my love for poetry from the hippie (so-called) “counterculture” days of Peace and Love. Catching my love for poetry may have been the only thing from that era that stuck. I think it’s apt to say I was a […]

Here’s Entertainment!

Few things are as beautiful as a laughing baby. Parents work tirelessly to bring a smile to their infant’s face. When the first laugh occurs, it’s no less a miracle! That first smile and subsequent laughter is like magic, causing us to love the little ones even more than we ever thought possible! Humorist Mark […]

Brave New World: Engineered Embryos

The website headline reads: Chinese firm’s bid to allow parents to pick their smartest embryos It’s the advent of the SuperBaby! Underneath the headline, there’s a picture of three adults each holding a baby (all wrapped in pink blankets, one assumes the babies are females). The headline and picture present a slightly misleading impression because […]

Long Arm Of The Law

Earlier this month, I began to come across stories that chronicled the 40,000 new laws adopted in 2013, many of which went into effect on January 1, 2014. The National Conference of State Legislatures compiled the list and in December 2013 issued its report mentioning some of the “most interesting ones.” Here’s CNN’s take on […]


In my previous post on divorce, I included a sonnet describing one father’s experience trying to connect with his children the only way he knew how to do:  buying presents for them. Over my lifetime, friends have shared with me the anguiah they’ve experienced when divorce occurs. Previously, I advanced the position that divorce (in […]


Writers! Story-tellers, poets, bloggers, crafters of tales! We soak in the narrative we observe around us or ponder imaginary tales we’ve woven within our heads. Each narrative grows and takes on form in surprising and beautiful ways. We find ourselves compelled to turn experience, suspicions and suppositions into word upon word and paragraph after paragraph […]

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