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Every poet has a unique process for creating. Though all poets start with the same raw material (we employ words), we set words to work in a variety of ways. What I like to do is roll words around in my brain. Eventually, combinations begin to form! Occasionally, several combinations form in quick succession. When […]

Knowing The Heart

Who likes Bullies? Silly question, huh? Almost everyday, it seems there’s a news story − radio, newspaper, television or online − reminding us of another sad tale of a child or children being bullied. Today was no different. I can’t remember the exact details; I tend to tune that stuff out because it doesn’t fall […]

Un_President’s Day

If you went to the Post Office today and were greeted by a shuttered window, you learned the hard way today is officially celebrated as Washington’s Birthday thanks to the 1968 adoption of the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, first effective in 1971. This act essentially standardized federal holidays to conform to Monday-only status (enabling three-day weekends). The day […]

The Deadest View Of All

People queried Flannery O’Connor why her books were so dark, why her characters acted out in bizarre and violent ways. The question was often asked and answered. When Life magazine editorialized about novelists of the 1950s, charging that while living in the most powerful and prosperous country in the world, their published works failed to reflect a […]

The Quaker Saint

Happy Birthday, Susan B. Anthony! Born on February 15, 1820, Anthony worked tirelessly throughout her life (she died in 1906) for the values she held most dear. Born into a Quaker family, she inherited from her parents an acute appreciation for the dignity of every human being. Information about Anthony’s life and work is widely […]

I Am My Beloved’s . . .

… and my beloved is mine. (This scripture reference is found in Song of Solomon 6:3.) As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, my husband and I have been married many years. We met in college. I was a transfer student (a sophomore) and he was a junior. I can still remember the first time he caught […]

A Rose By No Other Name

More than two hundred years ago, Romantic poet Robert Burns wrote an enduring − though simple − love poem that I’ve reproduced below. Known as the Bard of Scotland, Burns wrote (and spelled) in a manner some might say is peculiar. This reflects his lowland Scottish roots and the Scots language spoken there.        A […]

Lincoln (B)log

Today is Abraham Lincoln‘s birthday, our sixteenth President. Born in 1809, he is renowned as the first elected Republican president (though he was previously a Whig for about twenty years). The Republican Party was founded in March of 1854. My elder daughter and I have had an ongoing debate over the last ten years about […]

Love In Any Language

Yesterday, I posted one Valentine’s Day sonnet. Today, I offer another. Were I to live a thousand years, I’m not sure I’d have enough time to exhaustively describe the ways in which music and poetry reach deep into my soul. Today’s sonnet has a familiar theme to yesterday’s but I hope you will enjoy it […]

Hymne À L’Amour

We’ve arrived at the week of Valentine’s Day. If you’re anything like me, your Inbox has overflowed with Special Offers and Promotional hype for flowers, candy, potted plants, teddy bears, and whatever else vendors hope to persuade you to purchase as the perfect Valentine for your honey (and whoever else you’d be inclined to send […]

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