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Not Much Happy Talk?

How many children were born to your great-grandparents? How many born to your grandparents? How many to your parents? And if you’re a parent, how many children were born to you and your spouse? For me, the answers on my paternal side are 8, 6 and 6: eight children born to my great-grandparents (two of […]

Untimely Moment

There’s always grief when someone dies young. People react with understandable sadness, acknowledging the tragedy of a life cut short with its potential unmet, the hopes never attained, the dreams unexpectedly set aside. A film from 1991 explored the theme of Dying Young, (a movie that received generally negative reviews). When a person of fame or […]

Cleaning Day For A Pack Rat

How I dread it! I relax from my normal cleaning tasks once the Christmas decorations have been banished to the attic (usually around January 2nd or 3rd). Since we own a small business (and have employees), my January routine is mostly dedicated to filing forms, making reports and figuring out which government entity should receive […]

Communicating Great Things

Like many others, I’m amazed how full my Inbox is when I see it first thing in the morning. Lots of emails get trashed after half an inattentive glance. Knowing today is the anniversary of President Ronald Reagan‘s birthday, I paused at William Bennett’s email (shown below and reproduced from his book available here). Given […]

Whoa-ful Verse

Whenever I prepare a blog post, I usually reflect on its overall quality. If I think a post is silly, I have this tendency to make explanation for it. Almost always, the only explanation that seems adequate is, this is just how my brain works! I think it’s apparent I have a way silly streak […]

Confessions Of A Comfort Foodie

Few things warm my heart − and fill my belly − as comfortably as a bowl of homemade soup on a cold evening. The picture at left shows the pot of chicken corn chowder (with potatoes) we enjoyed for our evening meal. (In contrast to my daughter who is her own worst critic, I am […]

A Sweet Aroma Of Life

For as long as I can remember, I’ve heard the expression:  Christians aren’t perfect, just forgiven. It’s a true statement (in my view), but like many expressions Christians use, people outside the faith find such assertions annoying and even insulting. First, the statement proposes human beings need to be forgiven. Second, unbelieving individuals may feel the […]

Bowlish Musings

It’s Super Bowl Sunday! For some years now, I have to admit I’ve been less than an enthusiastic fan. I think my excitement ebbs and flows based on whether my husband has shown interest or not. There was a time many years ago when we lived in Dallas (and for some years even after we’d […]

The Monster: Speaking The Unspeakable

One hundred sixty three years ago today, writer Mary Shelley died of an apparent brain tumor. She was fifty-three years old (1797-1851). Known primarily for her Gothic/horror novel Frankenstein, Mary Shelley’s life (both literary and personal) was marked by enormous challenges and tragedy. Any discussion of Mary Shelley is inextricably linked with that of her […]

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