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Abandon Splitsville!

Earlier this week, I was reminded of a statement from Sisterhood is Powerful a book by author and radical feminist Robin Morgan published back in 1970:  We can’t destroy the inequities between men and women until we destroy marriage. I’m not certain how Morgan (or any of the other feminists of the period who agreed with Morgan’s […]

Paltry Poetry

The part of the country in which I live has two distinctions:  first, it is the home of WalMart and second, it is the headquarters of Tyson Foods. These two multi-billion dollar corporations have been the lifeblood for our region as well as the economic engine for the rest of the state. (I think it […]

Lear(ning) Limericks

This past week, I’ve enjoyed the exchange of limericks and repartée immensely. Normally, I’m not a frequent writer of limericks. I will pen them from time to time, because some occasions call for little else beside a limerick. (Furthermore, time spent writing and refining a limerick is minimal compared to writing other poetic forms. Doing […]

Forsythia Redux

Today’s post is a tribute. First of all, it’s a continuation of yesterday’s post in which I promised TC Conner an original poem in his honor. Unlike me, TC appears to be quite a well-versed gardener. (How’s that for a double-entendre, TC?) Thinking about the back and forth comments on yesterday’s post, as I went about creating […]

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Requests for custom-designed poems are flowing in from every corner of the globe! Actually, that’s not quite true. I’ve had a single request, and that one from Pennsylvania (which isn’t exactly a corner of the globe). TC Conner over at TheWriteGardener.Com suffered a case of the green-eyed monster (see the comments section of my post […]

Stuck-At Nantucket

A lot of dissin’ going on … a Phantom Poet pretending he’s someone who dislikes poetry? Yeah, that’s what I’m told, but I don’t buy a bit of it. I mean, how does a person who claims a dislike for poetry then immediately turn around and begin his next blog post with an original limerick? I ask you: […]

Phantom Poet

Reading various blogs this weekend, I knew I’d take time for a post entitled I don’t like poetry by Mindful Digressions author Doobster418. Yes, we’ve crossed paths before and while there are many things on which we disagree, I enjoy his posts. With this particular post, I’m duty-bound to address his assertions about poetry! But […]

Refuse To Limp

One of my favorite writers is Andrée Seu Peterson. An author and senior writer for World Magazine, her essays are without fail refreshingly honest and perceptive. I’ve been reading World since its early days (1986) when print magazines were struggling to hold onto subscribers and trying to earn new ones. In a competitive market where […]

Nathan Hale of Arkansas

Back in January, I neglected to pay tribute to a historical figure named David Owen Dodd. January 8, 2014 was the 150th anniversary of this 17-year-old’s notorious hanging. I’m afraid there are very few people (particularly outside the state of Arkansas) who know anything about this historical event. However, I’m pleased to note that the New York […]

The Splits

Writers, in my view, can be a strange lot. Our internal conversations may from time to time exhibit something of a split personality, though this would not be a clinical condition. In my experience, I am a creator, on the one hand, while on the other, I am a tenacious editor. When I’m in composition […]

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