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Just As He Said

The Sabbath had come to an end. A new day began to dawn − Sunday, the first day of the week. As the sun rose, the women who followed Jesus were already on their way to the tomb. Even though they knew the body of Jesus had been placed in a tomb, they hoped to prepare his body for […]

Sheep Without A Shepherd

What do you do when someone close to you dies, seemingly without warning? Of course, you’re shocked … bewildered … grief-stricken … frightened. People who had traveled with Jesus experienced all these emotions, but I expect they may have also been guilt-ridden. Especially Peter. As soon as Peter denied knowing Christ, the impact of his denial […]

What’s So Good About Good Friday?

Crucifixion Day. People know this day as Good Friday, the day on which Jesus Christ was nailed to a cross. The Good Friday designation may be a better slogan, less jarring to the public perception, I suppose, but it should go without saying, this day was anything but good for its central figure, Jesus Christ. As a specific […]

The Rock

Simon Peter … numbered among the twelve apostles, a prominent figure in the New Testament, an intimate of Jesus Christ. By trade, Peter was a fisherman who left his day job to follow Christ. The Gospel accounts show Peter was a blustery man, given to acting impulsively and speaking his mind. I tend to identify with Peter. […]

Mary’s Lavish Gift

Often, when an event is familiar, people have a tendency to get careless about its essential meaning. We recount the events of Holy Week yearly; and instead of becoming more precious over time, the events of this week lose their significance, receding into dullness. So today, experiment with me, if you will. Close your eyes and try […]

Picked Clean . . . Again

What more can I or do I need to say?

Greatly To Be Praised

Because I know how the scenario ends, I find it difficult to focus on the events of Holy Week with a somber face and attitude. In the same vein, I could only view the film The Passion of the Christ a single time. That one viewing brought into full view the significance of Bible passages like Isaiah […]

A Life On Loan

After the most recent shooting at Fort Hood, Texas, one of the base soldiers told of his experience being barricaded behind a door with fourteen others as the rampaging shooter attempted to enter this space to continue his violence. In that room, First Lt. Patrick Cook feared for his life and also the lives of others […]

I Yam What I Yam!

Continuing to mark National Poetry Month with today’s post, I decided to address poetry specifically before eventually posting today’s poem. My new friend and fellow-blogger over at themaskedrabbitsblog posed a terrific question in her comment on my post from two days ago. (She also gave me a superb compliment − “I love your poems” − which of course is even […]

Not In My Backyard!

Are you ready for a Frivolous Friday? To continue my observance of National Poetry Month, I chose a more lighthearted poem for today’s post. Earlier this week, my daughter-in-law had placed an old claw-foot bathtub in front of her business with a FREE sign attached to it. When she first found the tub (early in her marriage), she was […]

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