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Dancing With A Dying Muse

The number of websites devoted to poetry runs in the millions. To date, I haven’t browsed through even 1% of such websites, but keeping in mind this is National Poetry Month, I’m usually interested in perusing poetry sites to read their unique presentations. (Many don’t translate well into English which limits my ability to enjoy them!) The above-pictured quote, however, […]

Goodbye . . . For Now

A young couple in our church recently delivered their first child only to give him up to death four short hours after he arrived. (I heard about their situation via our church’s prayer list. I don’t personally know them.) Before this child’s birth, his parents had been alerted he suffered from a specific physical condition, Potter Syndrome. […]

More Crafty Than All

Without ever meaning it to happen this way, I’ve noticed an unintended theme cropping up in my posts. Two days ago, I wrote a post titled Aging Sucks. Other posts related to some aspect of aging have been posted here with regularity. Most of these posts have an original poem attached to them, and many of those […]

Here Comes The Bride

After yesterday’s post, one of my friends commented about the resemblance between my mother and myself. When I was younger, I would not have considered that a compliment though over the years, I’ve realized how true it is … and I’m honored. Today, I thought an appropriate follow-up to yesterday’s post would be a few words […]

Aging Sucks

It’s always a special treat to spend time with my dear, sweet mother. In fact, I hated to leave this morning. As she draws nearer to her eighty-eighth birthday (this August), every day with her becomes ever more precious. The photo at left isn’t a great one; blame the photographer (me) … I snapped this shortly before […]

Return To Yesteryear

Whenever I visit with my mother, it’s inevitable that my mind shifts to the experiences of growing up in St. Louis. I suppose it’s not uncommon for an individual to feel “haunted” as it were by the place in which he or she grew up. The memories of one’s formative years make an indelible impression. Oftentimes, […]

Across The Chain Link Divide

Day 4, National Poetry Month … I suggested to my mom that we could write a poem together and she had about as much enthusiasm for that as she might if I’d told her the doctor planned to amputate both her hands and feet. I guess we’ll see what she says tomorrow. (No, I’m not one […]

Downstairs, Upstairs

My son and his family have been living (upstairs) with us about a month now. For my part, I have no complaints about the arrangement; we’re glad we have the space to accommodate them while they look for another place. Perhaps the most significant aspect of this arrangement has been having our grandson under the same […]

Perfectly Imperfect

Celebrating National Poetry Month again today, I bring this post to you from my mother’s kitchen table in St. Peters Missouri. I arrived earlier today and we’ve got all kinds of things planned for the next couple days. Lots of food, fun and various entertainment, plus staying up late and solving all the world’s problems by the […]

Asking Why

April is National Poetry Month. As today is also April Fool’s Day, I thought a silly poem might be the way to kick off the month. Have a great month!  

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