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How Now, Brown Cow?

About one o’clock this morning, I came suddenly awake. My son had entered the bedroom, turned on a peripheral light and said, “Dad, do you know there are cows in the yard?” I’m not sure my Beloved did much more than roll over at the news, but I climbed out of bed. Apparently, the dog […]

It’s My Lucky Day!

This past week, four-year-old grandson H. noticed an accumulation of pocket change my Beloved had dropped onto the counter beside the bathroom sink. With typical gusto, this little guy exclaimed, “Looks like it’s my lucky day!” Of course, my Beloved was thoroughly amused and passed the tale onto me. (I promptly related the story to […]

Asleep At The Pen?

During my writing life, I have subscribed at various times to writing blogs:  how-to write blogs, how-to publish blogs, how-to market your writing blogs. These various online resources provide their take on a plethora of writing-related topics, and many offer helpful tools and information. I’ve noticed whenever a gaggle of writers gathers, sooner or later, […]

Time Passing

It’s another precious weekend out of town with loved ones! Here’s a sonnet with a lighthearted approach but the poem also has that kernel of truth.

Ask What You Can Do

There’s a common misconception that 21st century Americans have come to believe. Let’s call this misconception the Myth of the Expert (ME). As I’ve considered this myth, I’ve observed at least two aspects:  (1) an expert is the only one qualified to perform a task, and (2) only the expert knows how to get the job done right. […]

The Secrets of Life

Waking up early this morning, one of my first thoughts was that my brain must be full. It was 6:30 a.m. and usually I don’t begin to stir until closer to 8 a.m. About thirty years ago, I turned my bedside alarm buzzer off and since then, I have depended on my body clock for […]

Standing Before Tanks

Twenty-five years ago today in a brutal crackdown by the Chinese government, an unknown number of protestors lost their lives in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square massacre. The protesters, mostly students, had gathered in this massive outdoor place to air their grievances against government corruption of the party elite and to agitate for expanded freedoms (including freedom of the press, freedom of speech). The demonstrations lasted almost seven […]

The Fairy Tale Is Over

When I was about twelve years old, I remember my first overnight slumber party with friends. Before that occasion, I’d never spent the night with anyone outside my family. When my younger siblings were born, my brothers and I stayed with our cousins, but we were familiar with their house, feeling like it was simply an […]

Nothing But Heartbreak

The picture below shows two views of an early German Baptist church located in St. Louis MO. This is the church I attended with my parents during the 1950s. The original congregation was established in 1849 and this particular building was built in 1889. I remember there was a brick building to the left that had been used as a parsonage in […]

Villainous Villanelle

One of the classic forms in poetry is the Villanelle. This form is nineteen lines in length and includes five tercets and a concluding quatrain. The rhyme scheme follows:  aba / aba / aba / aba / aba / abaa, and the use of the first and third lines (from the first tercet) as repeating […]

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