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Bucking the System

The innocence of youth is always refreshing to observe. Back in June, I posted about my grandson’s perspective when he discovered a cache of coins on the bathroom counter. He was instantly convinced the coins belonged to him and he expressed the belief it was his “lucky day.” The incident was amusing and reminds me […]

A Proclamation

Trust the People

As I write this, it’s Sticky-Wicket Night in my region of the country. The Fayetteville City Council has become the tool of a hostile attack orchestrated by the activist Human Rights Campaign which is working to make Fayetteville the first community in Arkansas to adopt a so-called Civil Rights Ordinance. (While I don’t live within the city limits, I […]

Times Aren’t a-Changin’

For people of my generation, this past weekend (and even today) marked the 45th anniversary of the iconic three days of peace and music known as Woodstock. This Aquarian Exposition took place in White Lake, NY and has remained in memory for multitudes of young people (now much older) who considered the event a pivotal […]

An Officer And A Son

My older son is a police officer. Soon to celebrate his 35th birthday, he’s served proudly over the last decade with our local police department. He is pleased to be a member of an excellent department where officers are expected to excel at the highest levels. He and his fellow officers are conscientious and dedicated.  Over the last week, […]

The Mark

My mother recalls when she was a very little girl, she lived in her uncle’s house as part of an extended household that included her aunt, uncle and cousins, an elderly grandmother as well as my mom and her parents. (The house pictured below shows a similar home, but it’s not the home in which my mom lived […]

Blame Where Blame Is Due

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned a personality quirk, specifically, my OCD. This is – of course (how could it not be?) – my dear mother’s fault. Totally! The crazy compulsion to make my bed everyday? Yep, that’s my mom. Just about the time I started walking, she was already training me to smooth out the […]

Psyche Me!

There’s a phrase from The Scarlet Pimpernel that often comes to mind. “Sink Me!” (I can’t recall if it’s in the Baroness D’Orczy book of the same name, but in the film, Sir Percy Blakeney uses the phrase very effectively to depict the foppishness of his character.) Instead of sink me! today, psyche me seems a more […]

Rubberneck Culture

An accident occurs along the interstate. Usually on an interstate, metal-colliding-with-metal is going to happen at a high rate of speed, thus increasing the likelihood of injury and/or death. Whether it’s a simple fender-bender or a more serious multi-car pileup with injuries and even fatalities, most drivers respond in a predictable manner. They react with natural […]

Goodbye, Peter Pan

Suicide is never noble! Let me repeat. Suicide. Is. Never. Noble. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever! The individual may be a supposedly devout Muslim and ardent follower of the radical Al-Qaeda who is perversely motivated by the promise of 72 virgins for dying a so-called martyr’s death. Or the individual may be a celebrated comic, actor and all-around […]

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