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Mother Love

An email from my sister this evening informed me my mom’s in the hospital tonight. Sometime during the 1970s, Mom had a stroke. I use the word sometime because when it happened, she didn’t seek medical help … not immediately and not ever. It was only during a routine physical in 1984 that the doctor asked:  “When did you have a stroke? […]

Domestic Violence

If you expect this post to be another in the long list of comments and criticisms and criminalities of a once-football player, please stay tuned. I’m going to suggest there’s another kind of domestic violence that doesn’t scandalize the masses even though it should. Reading the excellent September 5th post at, I found myself […]

Sin Management

She was three, maybe closer to four years old at the time. She spewed the words at me with all the vehemence a child that age can muster. “I Hate You! I Hate You!” I don’t remember what was the exact cause of her outburst, but I’ll never forget the scene. Naturally, I was stunned, pierced to […]

A Hole In The World

Fifty-one years. That’s how long they were married before the wife died late last year. In the months since, he’s struggled, attempting to understand his place in this world. His adult children have wrapped their arms around him and included him in every aspect of their lives so he’s rarely at a loss for something to […]

Hungry Heart

Within the last couple weeks, my Beloved and I have learned about friends (long married) who have divorced. Each time news of this sort reaches us, we tend to react as we would to a death. It’s painful and wrenching … and we’re not even the ones who are experiencing it firsthand! But make no mistake, […]


Today is the seventeenth anniversary of Mother Teresa’s death. Though she was an Albanian by birth, this diminutive woman lived most of her life in India serving the poorest of the poor. She began her life as a Catholic missionary at age 18 and devoted the rest of her 87 years to mission work, living among […]

American Dreamer

We’re celebrating today! Our grandson, with freshly-minted college degree in hand, has nailed down a job at long last. Four years ago, I posted about his enrollment in college and earlier this spring, I added another post to applaud his college graduation. All of us are so proud of his achievements thus far … and his […]

Hole Cloth

If you recognize the object pictured below, you probably hail from an older era or your hobby is related in some way to hand-crafts or antiques. This unique little object is a stunning example of an early 20th century darning egg. I love unusual objects like this one, and I must confess my amazement that this extraordinary example of bygone […]

If It Bleeds . . .

When my Beloved and I were young and naive, we enjoyed the stories that came to us from CBS News program 60 Minutes. This long-running television news magazine show has aired interesting stories since 1968. I remember a friendly debate we once had with my father-in-law about the show. He suggested the producers were providing one-sided […]

No Fear

Few of us need to be reminded we’re approaching the thirteenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks of 9/11/01. (Because I think it’s appropriate to append the 2012 terrorist attack of the US embassy in Benghazi that also happened on 9/11, I’ll refer to both despicable acts under one general heading:  The 9/11 Attacks.) With the world situation as it is right […]

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