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Past Numeronym

Remember Y2K? Also known as the Millennium Bug, it was a digital challenge for computers wherein their internal clocks would turn over to “00” (as in the year 1900 instead of 2000) because software had been generally designed with only two digits instead of four. In the days that lead up to the calendar moving from […]

A Little Speech

Today is the one-hundred fifty-first anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln’s delivery of what became known as the Gettysburg Address. Lincoln’s “little speech” (running less than 300 words and delivered in about two minutes) followed the two-hour oration (nearly 14,000 words) of Edward Everett, a Massachusetts man who served as a governor, a congressman, a senator, a […]

Two-Minute Manners

A thirty-second radio Public Service Announcement (PSA) caught my attention recently. In the audio version, a dad is talking with his son about the importance of good manners … though the actual intent of the ad is to encourage children to develop good oral health care habits. The website ( provides entertaining videos to encourage […]

Due Honor

Most afternoons of the week, my Beloved leaves his office and drives the couple miles to the assisted living facility where his 92 year old mother resides. (I’ve posted previously about her here.) Some days, she’s able to converse a bit; most days, she tries to make sense but can’t. She sets her focus on things […]

What Are Friends For?

Continuing my series of Sunday posts based on The Book of Job, we move to Chapter 4 in which the first of Job’s friends attempts to shed light on exactly why Job’s life has so desperately fallen apart. Even though readers of this book know (from Chapter 1) the groundwork for this earthly struggle has been laid […]

Take Me Back

Life’s a pathway of longings. When we’re young, we long to grow up … to reach driving age, drinking age, voting age. Once those milestones are achieved, other longings become prominent. We long for a specific job offer, for our team to win, for an upcoming vacation trip, for that just-purchased lottery ticket to hit big, […]

The Devil’s Details

For most young people today, having a Social Security number (and its accompanying identification card) is normal. Since parents wishing to claim their dependent children for tax deduction purposes were required to obtain Social Security cards for each child starting about 1986, many of those young people don’t remember ever not having a number.When the […]

O, The Deep Love!

When my children were babies, there were many nights I’d lie with them in my bed until they fell asleep. Once sound asleep, they’d be carried to another bedroom and a familiar crib for the remainder of the night (hopefully). This routine allowed for cuddle time and a peaceful transition from wake to sleep with […]

Sub-Versive Poet

He has been called “the best writer of the 20th century.” Not easily measured and more a matter of opinion, I think, but there are others who’ve used similar descriptions to emphasize his genius. In a letter to his friend Sheldon Vanauken, C. S. Lewis described one of this man’s books (The Everlasting Man) as “the best […]

Thank You, Veterans

If my life continues on its present course until its end, I will have lived my life without directly experiencing war. This statement may be true of many Americans, but I think there are countless nations around the world for whom war is a semi-regular event. Now I’m not saying I haven’t lived during wartime, just […]

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