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Tree Tale

A poem from childhood came to mind today. It was written more than a hundred years ago by a poet named Joyce Kilmer. He was a multi-talented writer but is mainly known for the poem pictured below. The poem was set to music and when I think of this particular poem, I mostly think of it being […]

Purposeful Suffering

In his book The Problem of Pain, C. S. Lewis points out:  “… the proper good of a creature is to surrender itself to its Creator.” In Job Chapter 3, this act of surrender is part of Job’s challenge. I think it’s safe to say Job was no different than me (or you?) in that […]

Still Woman Enough

Throughout the 1960s, if you listened to country music, one of the biggest voices heard was that of Loretta Lynn. Even before her first appearance on The Grand Ole Opry (in 1962), Lynn’s full-bodied vocals and down-home style proudly represented her Butcher Hollow (Holler), KY roots as no one else could do. Fashioning a musical career from her dream […]

A Fine Love Story

Romantics (like myself) yearn for sweet and tender love stories. We’re nurtured by narratives of youthful romance, blissfully energizing and intoxicating … or narratives of the brokenhearted who learn to love again and to love more deeply. For myself, I find if a story reduces me to tears, it’s a story I will return to again and again; […]

Squat Zone

Ownership. What exactly does that word mean? When you possess a title or deed to a piece of property and your name is on the line that indicates OWNER, doesn’t that mean you have the legal right to possess and control that property? Be careful how you answer these questions … remember we’re living in a progressive age where words […]

Elections Have Consequences

It’s almost impossible to track down the exact source of the title phrase, Elections Have Consequences. It is a political phrase and I suppose it means different things to different people. Oftentimes, it can be translated as “I won, you lost, get over it” or something similar. There’s a sense that whoever employs the phrase […]

I Cried A Tear . . .

As a respite from today’s overdose of election talk, let’s take a distracting turn down Memory Lane. Thirty-six years ago today, a catchy and upbeat song by songstress Anne Murray hit Billboard’s Hot 100 list. The Canadian-born Murray had already succeeded with a 1970 top-10 international hit “Snowbird” as well as her 1974 country number one hit, “He […]

‘Twas the Night Before . . .

If, like me, you’re chomping at the bit to have these elections over (as in totally O-V-E-R-!), tomorrow is our day to get the thing behind us. I have to admit, when Rachel of Card Services called me last week, it was almost a relief … because the call wasn’t from someone doing polling or urging […]

Book of Job / 2

Last Sunday, I launched a series of posts related to the Book of Job. The initial post is here. As a bit of review, this historical character lived in the “land of Uz,” a stretch of land that lies east of Egypt, south of current day Israel and Jordan, and is roughly bisected by the […]

Vote For Pedro

There’s a mid-term election on Tuesday! I know this likely comes as a surprise to most everyone … especially people in highly competitive states including Alaska, Arkansas (my state), Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky and North Carolina where US Senate races will be decided. I’ll just bet there hasn’t been a noticeable increase in political ads where you live, […]

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