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Past Watchful Bimbo Eruptions

Take a naive and immature twenty-two year old woman (who has already been preyed upon and misused by a married high school mentor), steer her toward the hyper-sexualized, high-powered halls of our nation’s Capital. Oh, make sure your setting is the 1990s. Make doubly certain the young woman experienced daddy-issues in her formative years. Consider […]

Evil . . . Quiet and Tidy

It’s called Waste-to-Energy and sounds like a practical but innocuous program where waste products are incinerated to generate energy. But the program has come under new scrutiny with the recent revelation that hospitals in the UK acknowledged at least 15,500 dead babies (some aborted and others from miscarriages) have been intentionally incinerated as “clinical waste.” […]

The Quaker Saint

Happy Birthday, Susan B. Anthony! Born on February 15, 1820, Anthony worked tirelessly throughout her life (she died in 1906) for the values she held most dear. Born into a Quaker family, she inherited from her parents an acute appreciation for the dignity of every human being. Information about Anthony’s life and work is widely […]

Oh, The Humanity!

This is not a post I desire to pen. At this moment, my eyes well with tears and my body trembles from an intense grief beyond anything I am able to describe or comprehend. Through many years, my grief has grown and over the last week in particular, I’ve read numerous posts and tweets, watched […]

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