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Nathan Hale of Arkansas

Back in January, I neglected to pay tribute to a historical figure named David Owen Dodd. January 8, 2014 was the 150th anniversary of this 17-year-old’s notorious hanging. I’m afraid there are very few people (particularly outside the state of Arkansas) who know anything about this historical event. However, I’m pleased to note that the New York […]

Honoring A Gentleman

Over the weekend, a friend of mine died suddenly. He was 67 years old. A lean man, he appeared to be in relatively good health and walked everyday to and from his activities. He’d been seriously ill back in January (with a difficult cold and possibly flu?), so ill he’d been unable to do anything […]

Not Averse To The Verse

It’s Friday, the end of another week. In our area, the snow is slowly disappearing and today’s temperature permitted me to venture outside wearing a light jacket (rather than my heavy winter coat). Thankfully, Spring is in the air! Shortly after I rose this morning, I heard the Eastern Meadowlarks outside my bedroom window. They […]

Settled ‘Saw’ Law

Each state in the Union has unique aspects to set it aside from the others. As a resident of Arkansas, I’m often amused by the stories I hear or read. When I first learned about the disagreement over how to say the name Arkansas, naturally, I was intrigued. Further, discovering the disagreement had risen to a […]

Un_President’s Day

If you went to the Post Office today and were greeted by a shuttered window, you learned the hard way today is officially celebrated as Washington’s Birthday thanks to the 1968 adoption of the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, first effective in 1971. This act essentially standardized federal holidays to conform to Monday-only status (enabling three-day weekends). The day […]

Bowlish Musings

It’s Super Bowl Sunday! For some years now, I have to admit I’ve been less than an enthusiastic fan. I think my excitement ebbs and flows based on whether my husband has shown interest or not. There was a time many years ago when we lived in Dallas (and for some years even after we’d […]

Beating Back The Scourge of Demon Rum

Arkansas. It’s the state in which I’ve lived the last thirty-seven years. We are situated close to the middle of the United States, an area known to many as “flyover country.” Though Arkansas is a tourism location, people don’t generally know much about the state. I’ll offer additional details specifically about Arkansas at a future […]

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