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The Quaker Saint

Happy Birthday, Susan B. Anthony! Born on February 15, 1820, Anthony worked tirelessly throughout her life (she died in 1906) for the values she held most dear. Born into a Quaker family, she inherited from her parents an acute appreciation for the dignity of every human being. Information about Anthony’s life and work is widely […]

Cleaning Day For A Pack Rat

How I dread it! I relax from my normal cleaning tasks once the Christmas decorations have been banished to the attic (usually around January 2nd or 3rd). Since we own a small business (and have employees), my January routine is mostly dedicated to filing forms, making reports and figuring out which government entity should receive […]

Home For School

While writing yesterday’s post, my memory took a backward glance at a time almost thirty years ago when we were educating our children at home. Stuck In Love‘s main character (writer and dad, Bill) made an agreement with his two children: ┬áif his kids agreed to maintain a daily journal, neither would be required to […]

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