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Saying Goodbye

For some of us, closing out the year 2013 means saying goodbye. Death is never pleasant; we have treasured moments to remember, but it’s not the same as having your flesh-and-blood loved one with you. (How thankful I am not to have lost anyone close to me this year!) Because I’m a people-oriented person though, […]

Suicide Note, A Sonnet

It should go without saying, but I’ll emphasize the point here: ¬†poems (and stories) don’t spring out of thin air, but the poet doesn’t necessarily speak (via a poem) from personal experience. In my creative process, poems generate from somewhere deep within my psyche and they reflect my observations as well as an internal dialogue […]

Down To The Bones

The picture on the left was taken in October as the trees began to change colors. I love the rich variety of color Fall bestows upon us every year. Taking a closer look at the right third of the picture, the remnants of a barn can be seen between the two trees. Look closely. It’s […]

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