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The Best Romance

Okay, I admit it … while channel-surfing Monday night, I paused at ABC‘s The Bachelor just as the last rose was about to be presented. (See my previous post here.) I didn’t catch the fainting part, but while I watched, the unfolding melodrama seemed as predictable as if I’d written the script myself.

I’ll defer to Chris Harrison voice-overs to belabor the question of whether Ben will “find true love.” In splendid counterpoint to that bachelor’s situation, I offer a tale of genuine love — in action. Continue Reading →

Happily Ever After?

Flipping through the channels last week, I stumbled upon the season premiere of The Bachelor. Against my better judgment, I paused long enough to be temporarily drawn in. I was intrigued by Cheryl, (a 72 year old grandmother who, upon shaking Ben’s hand, promptly declared her love for him), curious about Casey S. who neglected to greet Ben but moved directly from the limo toward the house, and amused by Lindzi C.’s unusual (but memorable) approach (choosing not to arrive via limo but instead, riding a horse).

[A disclaimer:  I didn’t watch the season where this young man was one of 25 entrants … eventually the one whose heart was “crushed” when The Bachelorette (Ashley) rejected his proposal.]

Since The Bachelor and its spin-off, The Bachelorette, began airing in 2002, I’ve viewed a handful of episodes. In terms of success in capturing viewers for ABC, these are ratings winners. The ratings, of course, translate to advertising dollars for ABC — which is what ultimately keeps both shows on the air. Continue Reading →

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