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Standing Before Tanks

Twenty-five years ago today in a brutal crackdown by the Chinese government, an unknown number of protestors lost their lives in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square massacre. The protesters, mostly students, had gathered in this massive outdoor place to air their grievances against government corruption of the party elite and to agitate for expanded freedoms (including freedom of the press, freedom of speech). The demonstrations lasted almost seven […]

The Fairy Tale Is Over

When I was about twelve years old, I remember my first overnight slumber party with friends. Before that occasion, I’d never spent the night with anyone outside my family. When my younger siblings were born, my brothers and I stayed with our cousins, but we were familiar with their house, feeling like it was simply an […]

Nothing But Heartbreak

The picture below shows two views of an early German Baptist church located in St. Louis MO. This is the church I attended with my parents during the 1950s. The original congregation was established in 1849 and this particular building was built in 1889. I remember there was a brick building to the left that had been used as a parsonage in […]

Past Watchful Bimbo Eruptions

Take a naive and immature twenty-two year old woman (who has already been preyed upon and misused by a married high school mentor), steer her toward the hyper-sexualized, high-powered halls of our nation’s Capital. Oh, make sure your setting is the 1990s. Make doubly certain the young woman experienced daddy-issues in her formative years. Consider […]

A Sweet Aroma Of Life

For as long as I can remember, I’ve heard the expression:  Christians aren’t perfect, just forgiven. It’s a true statement (in my view), but like many expressions Christians use, people outside the faith find such assertions annoying and even insulting. First, the statement proposes human beings need to be forgiven. Second, unbelieving individuals may feel the […]

Brave New World II: Welcome to the Wild West

Yesterday, I launched the first in a series of posts under the overall title Brave New World. My initial post addressed the current practice of egg donation. I noted that the various aspects of our Brave New World are numerous enough to require subsequent posts, but I’ve decided these won’t necessarily be consecutive posts. There’s […]

Taken Captive By Culture (I)

The story ran nationwide with various iterations on a theme:  more divorces in the South, fewer in the Northeast. Living in the South and holding a high view of marriage, I bristled because this simplistic reportage leaves so much unsaid. The Washington Post took an unusual angle, addressing singles in an opening paragraph I’ll summarize:  […]

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