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The Wait Of Silence

Looking for a post about silence? Allow me to explain about an unabated, extended silence … nearing its eighth year. First, let me introduce to you a twenty-something young man (first guy on the right, in this 2005 picture at left), seemingly happy and carefree, attending (at that time) a nearby university. The photo shows him […]

I Am My Beloved’s . . .

… and my beloved is mine. (This scripture reference is found in Song of Solomon 6:3.) As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, my husband and I have been married many years. We met in college. I was a transfer student (a sophomore) and he was a junior. I can still remember the first time he caught […]

A Rose By No Other Name

More than two hundred years ago, Romantic poet Robert Burns wrote an enduring − though simple − love poem that I’ve reproduced below. Known as the Bard of Scotland, Burns wrote (and spelled) in a manner some might say is peculiar. This reflects his lowland Scottish roots and the Scots language spoken there.        A […]

Love In Any Language

Yesterday, I posted one Valentine’s Day sonnet. Today, I offer another. Were I to live a thousand years, I’m not sure I’d have enough time to exhaustively describe the ways in which music and poetry reach deep into my soul. Today’s sonnet has a familiar theme to yesterday’s but I hope you will enjoy it […]

Hymne À L’Amour

We’ve arrived at the week of Valentine’s Day. If you’re anything like me, your Inbox has overflowed with Special Offers and Promotional hype for flowers, candy, potted plants, teddy bears, and whatever else vendors hope to persuade you to purchase as the perfect Valentine for your honey (and whoever else you’d be inclined to send […]

Not Shoes, But Galoshes!

Tackling the WordPress Weekly Writing Challenge a bit earlier this week. The concept is to Leave Your Shoes At The Door, and I thought for this challenge, I’d write something about my grandson. Like most boys edging up to a fourth birthday, he has almost boundless energy and the kind of enthusiasm (about everything!) that […]

The Rhythm of (My) Life

Experimenting, the challenge of trying something new rarely deters me. Reading through my email, I thought, “Why not?” And here I am! Getting a late start on this Weekly Writing Challenge:  Lunch Posts writing exercise. The initial writing challenge was posted January 20th and proposes taking the approach of Frank O’Hara whose conversational Lunch Poems […]

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