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Endowed By Our Creator

Today, we celebrate Independence Day, the official 239th birthday of our country, memorialized at the top of our Declaration of Independence. In our family, we also commemorate this day as the 73rd wedding anniversary of my Beloved’s parents. With grateful hearts and thankfulness to God, we salute both my in-laws’ union and the historic beginnings of our United States.

Happy Independence Day!

As most everyone in America knows, today is Independence Day! In yesterday’s post, I failed to mention my father-in-law served this country in the military during World War II. I believe he was a captain and was deployed to the Philippines. As I understand it, he wasn’t sent to fight in Europe due to his German […]

An Imperfect Couple

Were my father-in-law alive (he died in 2008), he and my mother-in-law would be celebrating their 72nd anniversary tomorrow. Every Independence Day, their four adult sons (with families in tow) would descend upon their Texas home. During the days that followed, we’d all enjoy gathering around the pool and patio and dining table for good meals, lots […]

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