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Dream A Little Dream

As a writer, I’m subject to the same inclinations as almost every other writer throughout time:  the unquenchable desire to have my words appear in print. I have had the privilege of selling poetry, prose and fiction, but to date, there isn’t a book on the shelf that declares me as its author. Of course, I’ve […]

Put On Your Sonnet Bonnet!

April isn’t over, so even though I haven’t mentioned it in recent posts, we’re still celebrating National Poetry Month! Regular readers of my blog know my fondness for the sonnet form. Posts from July 30, 2010 and October 23, 2013 relate one of my goals was (is) to write one hundred sonnets. The earlier post mentioned that I’d […]

Dancing With A Dying Muse

The number of websites devoted to poetry runs in the millions. To date, I haven’t browsed through even 1% of such websites, but keeping in mind this is National Poetry Month, I’m usually interested in perusing poetry sites to read their unique presentations. (Many don’t translate well into English which limits my ability to enjoy them!) The above-pictured quote, however, […]

Phantom Poet

Reading various blogs this weekend, I knew I’d take time for a post entitled I don’t like poetry by Mindful Digressions author Doobster418. Yes, we’ve crossed paths before and while there are many things on which we disagree, I enjoy his posts. With this particular post, I’m duty-bound to address his assertions about poetry! But […]

Slumber . . . The Rest of Life

Here’s another slightly different poem for today’s post. Sometimes, I get a little wacky. (If you’ve read other posts on this site, I think I’ve already proven that.) The asterisk in the title and the comment that follows the asterisk explain that my poem is a parody of the opening speech from William Shakespeare’s play Twelfth […]

Playing With Words

It’s Black Friday. This isn’t something in which I participate. I don’t remember ever volunteering to subject myself to that kind of chaos! I’ve also never camped out in order to be the first to buy tickets, attend a concert, etc. (Oh, and by the way, I never cared for the Schwarzenegger film Jingle All […]

Through the Reading Glass III

Adventures! Yes, by my mid-teens (as I mention in my previous post), I was eager to experience real adventure … and not just as part of my reading life! After both my sophomore and junior years of high school, I had opportunity to spend the summer months in Winona Lake, Indiana. Working in food service […]

The Intractable, Distractable Life

Shakespeare (in The Tempest) tells us:  What’s past is prologue. Given how my blog has been neglected, I appreciate Shakespeare’s observation.  Yesterday’s neglect (or more accurately, the last six months of neglect) isn’t necessarily set in stone for all time. It is what was, not what must always be. Today is like a clean plate, […]

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