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Two Lives . . . One Note

Now that 2015 commencement exercises are mostly completed around the country, the wedding season is definitely upon us. At least one source states April is when wedding season actually begins, while other sources consider May the beginning of the “season.” I’ve usually considered May the most common month among my friends and acquaintances. We’ve already attended one wedding […]

Love In Search

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow is said to have once observed “Music is the universal language of mankind.” Author J. K. Rowling (in her book Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone), speaking through her character Dumbledore, says it’s “a magic beyond all we do here.” Music and poetry share some of the same rich and universal qualities. My recent post Music: […]

Music: Best Gift Ever

In his poem The Symphony, Sidney Lanier concludes the poem with these four lines: And yet shall Love himself be heard, Though long deferred, though long deferred: O’er the modern waste a dove hath whirred: Music is Love in search of a word. Please forgive me for wandering into theology here (though I hope if […]

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