“Freedom Has Never Been So Fragile”

Yesterday, I identified a point of agreement between myself and President Obama. Truthfully, there are probably very few things on which we would see eye-to-eye. But when Obama characterizes our present situation as a “mess,” I concur. I’m also reminded of another President who had a “mess” on his hands, but he handled it capably and our country was better for having had him in the White House.

Of course, his name was Ronald Reagan. He had confidence in the conservative message and he advanced it whenever possible. He was a man who stood on principle. (No, he wasn’t perfect; no one is.)

Because he believed in American exceptionalism, Reagan spent many years warning Americans about the evils of Communism. He also embraced a key Republican tenet:  reducing the size of government.

Many of Reagan’s speeches still have currency today. A Time For Choosing was delivered in October of 1964, during the final week of the ’64 presidential campaign pitting Lyndon Johnson against Barry Goldwater. Continue reading ““Freedom Has Never Been So Fragile””