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TSA Redux

No one in my family traveled by airplane for the holidays, so I wasn't privy to any firsthand reports of TSA gropings. (These outrages will continue to be reported; this excellent site chronicles the abuse from numerous sources.) ... Or, get a load of the video below! This TSA video made my blood boil. Any… Continue reading TSA Redux

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Tribute to Lewis

I can't remember my first exposure to the writings of C. S. Lewis. (It may have been an early reading of Till We Have Faces.) Before ever having read one volume of the Narnia series, I encountered this myth retold. Did I understand the story? Probably not; maybe I identified with Orual's ugliness? Something about… Continue reading Tribute to Lewis

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The End Game

Referring to what the TSA euphemistically styles "enhanced screenings," the wonderfully compliant news outlets in their soft-as-a-baby's-behind reporting (also, here and here) are now regurgitating the TSA-generated meme that "less than 3%" of the flying public is subjected to the heightened screening techniques. Wow, that's a relief! A measly 3% of airline passengers are ceding… Continue reading The End Game

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These Aren’t the Droids You’re Looking For . . .

Imagine this scenario: You're heading out of town for a long-anticipated holiday with extended family. The trip requires nine hours in a car so -- in spite of what you've heard/read about new TSA-sanctioned sexual assaults,  er, bureaucratic intimidations, er, safety screenings --  you opt to fly instead of taking the marathon but exhausting drive.… Continue reading These Aren’t the Droids You’re Looking For . . .

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TSA = Stranger Danger

Can't help but continue to cogitate on this TSA screening nightmare (see my previous post).The outrage, tales of indecencies committed, frustrations and absurdities continue to be recounted in lurid and nauseating detail. The TSA website laughably defends their recently implemented "security" measures, claiming:  "A primary goal of TSA is to treat all passengers with courtesy,… Continue reading TSA = Stranger Danger

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Interesting Times

Nobody seems to know for certain where the phrase "may you live in interesting times" originated. No matter. During more than a month of absence from posting here, I have come to understand those six words are as much curse as blessing. A pre-election day trip to Philadelphia reminded me of the vast differences between… Continue reading Interesting Times