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Hats Off For Ruthe: Plus 5

Back in July of 2006, my sister and I threw a surprise birthday party in honor of our mother's 80th birthday. Though Mom's birthday is actually August 29, we chose a date a month early ... hoping she'd never guess what we'd planned.  (I must quickly acknowledge my minimal role in organizing the event; my… Continue reading Hats Off For Ruthe: Plus 5

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Needles and Pens

Before I married the man of my dreams, my surname was Stricker. In those days, researching family history usually entailed wading through rolls of microfilm at the public library, a monotonous endeavor -- like looking for the proverbial "needle in a haystack" -- that often produced disappointing results. Thanks to the worldwide web and resources… Continue reading Needles and Pens

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The Miracle of Mother Love

Conversing with my younger daughter today, she offered an apt anecdote for my previous post. She shared that one of her friends had recently undergone in vitro fertilization, in hopes of bearing a child. (BTW, my retelling of the story isn't verbatim, so some details may be inexact.) My daughter's friend was painfully aware of… Continue reading The Miracle of Mother Love

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Caring For Little Creations

Before my eldest child was born, I worked full-time in the personnel department of a Dallas insurance company. From the moment the pregnancy was confirmed, I knew I would quit working to stay home with our daughter. Many of my work associates were envious, expressing their own wishes to do the same. Each was convinced… Continue reading Caring For Little Creations