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As One Who Waits

Browsing Amazon's virtual shelves, I stumbled (if, in a virtual world, one may be said to have "stumbled") upon a book that immediately went into my cart. It wasn't something I had specifically searched for, but I knew I had to have it. I purchased the book -- without hesitation -- based on the reputation… Continue reading As One Who Waits

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Holding On To Humanity

Years ago when I announced to my parents that I was pregnant (with our fourth child), my dad commented that he thought I was a little nuts to bring another child into this world. I don't remember his exact words -- and I know he never meant to wound, although he did. His comment stayed… Continue reading Holding On To Humanity

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Taken Captive By Culture (II)

In yesterday's post, I condemned the devaluation of language that leads to a culturally-defined understanding of marriage. One writer suggested marriage and divorce are in evolution. I disagree. Words (like dollars) have value; words communicate meaning. However, when this currency (our language) is devalued, communication suffers or ceases. Hence, my strong conviction that our understanding… Continue reading Taken Captive By Culture (II)

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Taken Captive By Culture (I)

The story ran nationwide with various iterations on a theme:  more divorces in the South, fewer in the Northeast. Living in the South and holding a high view of marriage, I bristled because this simplistic reportage leaves so much unsaid. The Washington Post took an unusual angle, addressing singles in an opening paragraph I'll summarize: … Continue reading Taken Captive By Culture (I)