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Once Upon A Time Stories

It's Tuesday, January 31, 2012! That means, at 11:59 p.m. this evening, I will be choosing one of my blog's subscribers to receive a copy of A BOOK ABOUT ME (which really isn't about me). If you'll read my blog posting Fifteen Minutes a Day, it will provide specifics for entry into this giveaway, then… Continue reading Once Upon A Time Stories

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Life, Gateway to Free Expression

Wikipedia has become a fixture of online communication. Want to familiarize yourself with the various members of the Tudor dynasty? Find it here. Or maybe you need a recording of a cow's "moo." Find that here.On January 18th, you might have been annoyed, frustrated or perplexed by the above screen result that prevented access to… Continue reading Life, Gateway to Free Expression

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The Best Romance

Okay, I admit it ... while channel-surfing Monday night, I paused at ABC's The Bachelor just as the last rose was about to be presented. (See my previous post here.) I didn't catch the fainting part, but while I watched, the unfolding melodrama seemed as predictable as if I'd written the script myself. I'll defer… Continue reading The Best Romance

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Be It Resolved?

Reflecting today about New Year's resolutions, I did what I often do:  I ran a Google search. Imagine, if you will, my chagrin when one of the top search results was:  Popular New Year's Resolutions‌ ¦ As one might predict, I followed the link. The webpage offers a baker's dozen of common resolutions and… Continue reading Be It Resolved?

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Fifteen Minutes A Day

Who among us wouldn't be happy about shedding a few pounds? I don't even have a scale, but I'm aware when my clothing feels more snug than normal. So, having partaken of many holiday goodies over the last couple months, I've been working the elliptical with added intensity and motivation. Now comes a joint study… Continue reading Fifteen Minutes A Day

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Happily Ever After?

Flipping through the channels last week, I stumbled upon the season premiere of The Bachelor. Against my better judgment, I paused long enough to be temporarily drawn in. I was intrigued by Cheryl, (a 72 year old grandmother who, upon shaking Ben's hand, promptly declared her love for him), curious about Casey S. who neglected… Continue reading Happily Ever After?