The Villainy of Weeds

My garden remains — queue the writing metaphor — a work in progress. My last post pictured a part of my 35′ x 7′ raised bed. Full disclosure, here’s a view of the garden I neglected to include. Where veggies once grew in the space, all that green (to the left of the owl) is a persistent tangle of unwelcome, unwanted grasses. (In my garden bed, grass is always considered a weed.)

In the summer of 2010, I had worked painstakingly to eradicate weeds and grasses from the strawberry bed growing to the right. In my initial efforts, I’d grab a handful of green blades and yank from the ground all the offenders I could extract. Occasionally, a ball of dirt with roots came loose, but mostly the green shoots broke away from their underground source. Within days, new shoots eventually raised their green spires heavenward. Continue reading “The Villainy of Weeds”