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A Leaky Water Pail

As the old year segues into a new one and the 2013 clock (in this case) ticks down to 00:00:00, it's not unusual to weigh all the important events that have taken place in the year that has passed. For goal-oriented people, this means evaluating the benchmarks that were set, what was actually accomplished, what… Continue reading A Leaky Water Pail

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Saying Goodbye

For some of us, closing out the year 2013 means saying goodbye. Death is never pleasant; we have treasured moments to remember, but it's not the same as having your flesh-and-blood loved one with you. (How thankful I am not to have lost anyone close to me this year!) Because I'm a people-oriented person though,… Continue reading Saying Goodbye

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Everything Old Is New Again!

The day after tomorrow is New Year's Eve, the ending of an old year, quickly followed by the fresh new start of another. At times like this, I'm usually a bit nostalgic. Nothing momentous has happened in 2013 to make me wistful for its continuance, nor do I have any earthshaking plans that cause great… Continue reading Everything Old Is New Again!

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Cozying Up To Austen

Earlier this month, I neglected to acknowledge the birthday of Jane Austen who was born December 16, 1775. (Shame on me for overlooking her!) As an English novelist, Austen's name is a familiar one to almost everyone who enjoys period fiction. Though her books are usually categorized with the Romance genre, I think her books… Continue reading Cozying Up To Austen

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Knit, Purl, Decode

My recent posts discussing the perennial favorite, A Christmas Carol, got me to thinking about the oeuvre of its author. Besides the incomparable Christmas novella of Charles Dickens (my previous posts begin here), other books by Dickens retain their reputation as "classics." I can't remember my first reading of A Tale of Two Cities, but I recall the impression… Continue reading Knit, Purl, Decode

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Hope Deferred

Every Christmas is a merry one! Spending time with family members who − during the rest of the year − are scattered far and wide, provides us time to love on grandkids, to catch up on some of the challenges and joys and struggles of the past months, as well as to recall, to laugh… Continue reading Hope Deferred

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A Merry Christmas To All!


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A Christmas Yet To Come . . .

Continuing from yesterday's post, here's another glimpse of the marvelous universal narrative presented in A Christmas Carol. After the Ghost of Christmas Present has disappeared from Ebenezer Scrooge's sight, the old man began to understand his own sad, even hopeless, state. He's ready for reformation and seems anxious to stand face to face with the last of three spirits Jacob Marley… Continue reading A Christmas Yet To Come . . .

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A Christmas Present

In yesterday's post, I suggested all of us have similarities to Ebenezer Scrooge − we each have a Ghost of Christmas Past in the sense that our experiences have helped shape our character (or lack thereof) to some extent. In A Christmas Carol, author Charles Dickens lays out (through the Ghost of Christmas Past) Scrooge's earlier life… Continue reading A Christmas Present

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A Christmas Past

Like Ebenezer Scrooge in Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, every one of us has a Ghost of Christmas Past. I don't suggest we've encountered ghostly presences such as Jacob Marley, Scrooge's deceased former business partner. When I consider the idea of Christmas Past, I'm looking through the lens of experiences that have marked our lives, sometimes adversely,… Continue reading A Christmas Past