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Beating Back The Scourge of Demon Rum

Arkansas. It's the state in which I've lived the last thirty-seven years. We are situated close to the middle of the United States, an area known to many as "flyover country." Though Arkansas is a tourism location, people don't generally know much about the state. I'll offer additional details specifically about Arkansas at a future… Continue reading Beating Back The Scourge of Demon Rum

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What’s Your Mission?

Here's another quirky film I watched this week. Safety Not Guaranteed from 2012 provides an intriguing premise:  an unusual want-ad sets three magazine employees on the trail of a reclusive (perhaps deranged) fellow who insists he can time-travel ... and means to do so with a companion he hopes to hire via his want-ad. Of… Continue reading What’s Your Mission?

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Not Shoes, But Galoshes!

Tackling the WordPress Weekly Writing Challenge a bit earlier this week. The concept is to Leave Your Shoes At The Door, and I thought for this challenge, I'd write something about my grandson. Like most boys edging up to a fourth birthday, he has almost boundless energy and the kind of enthusiasm (about everything!) that… Continue reading Not Shoes, But Galoshes!

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Lessons In Dying

My husband and I are in that stage of life when the care of our aging widowed mothers becomes a more pressing concern. Hubby's mom lives nearby and he tries to visit with her daily. She's 91 years of age and was officially diagnosed with Alzheimer's about a year ago. I mentioned her in a… Continue reading Lessons In Dying

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Home For School

While writing yesterday's post, my memory took a backward glance at a time almost thirty years ago when we were educating our children at home. Stuck In Love's main character (writer and dad, Bill) made an agreement with his two children:  if his kids agreed to maintain a daily journal, neither would be required to… Continue reading Home For School

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Stuck? Or Struck?

My younger daughter recommended a film this week. As a drama major college grad, she knows film and screen-writing and critiquing. With her ever-expanding knowledge of film and a viewing history few can match (unless maybe TCM's Robert Osborne), I'm pleased to heed her recommendations. I'm a long-time movie lover (I suspect her husband blames me… Continue reading Stuck? Or Struck?

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The Rhythm of (My) Life

Experimenting, the challenge of trying something new rarely deters me. Reading through my email, I thought, "Why not?" And here I am! Getting a late start on this Weekly Writing Challenge:  Lunch Posts writing exercise. The initial writing challenge was posted January 20th and proposes taking the approach of Frank O'Hara whose conversational Lunch Poems… Continue reading The Rhythm of (My) Life

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Oh, The Humanity!

This is not a post I desire to pen. At this moment, my eyes well with tears and my body trembles from an intense grief beyond anything I am able to describe or comprehend. Through many years, my grief has grown and over the last week in particular, I've read numerous posts and tweets, watched… Continue reading Oh, The Humanity!

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Heaven’s Hound And Master

English poet Francis Thompson (1859-1907) isn't particularly well known today, though the name of at least one of his poems may be familiar to some. He was the tortured soul who wrote The Hound of Heaven, a 182-line work that is both loved by some and considered by others to be too intimidating to read.… Continue reading Heaven’s Hound And Master

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H(Abby) Birthday Biscuit!

One of the most creative people I know, my younger daughter Abby, is having a birthday tomorrow. (She's quite a bit older now than the picture to the left that was taken on her sixth birthday.) Along with other nudges back in 2010 (see my initial post of explanation here), Abby urged me to take… Continue reading H(Abby) Birthday Biscuit!