The Tale of Bobbie Pringle, Part II

This is part two in my mother’s story (written in her own words) of how she and my dad met. Part one is here.

Ruthe7Ruthe Continues:   Next morning I put my plan into action. After bringing her two coffees as well as a pack of cigarettes (I knew she wouldn’t turn down some smokes from someone else’s coupon book), I worked up the nerve to ask:  Was she planning to go to the dance at Ft. Dix? “No,” she responded. I told her:  “I sure wish I could but I can’t.” Then she asked me:  “Why not?” (perfect opening!) and I had my explanation ready.

I told her my story and asked if I could go using her name. Initially, she didn’t understand what I proposed, but when the light began to dawn she let out a whoop and started to laugh loudly causing everyone to turn and stare and wonder what was going on. She said she’d see me at lunch and let me know her decision, so I went to my desk to work, all the while wondering what I’d do if she said no, where would I go next? Worse yet, what if she blabbed to someone else about it? I could be in big trouble again.

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