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Mississippi Dowager Queen

Growing up in St. Louis, I was surrounded by a multitude of historic buildings and beautiful monuments and homes. During my high school years, the Gateway Arch was being erected. I remember all the excitement when construction crews prepared to insert the final section (connecting the north leg to the south leg). Everyone wondered and worried whether… Continue reading Mississippi Dowager Queen

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A Place Called Home

From the time I reached young adulthood, I recall the general attitude towards being a homemaker had taken on a decidedly negative connotation. Women who performed homemaking tasks were consigned to brainlessness. Refer to someone as a homemaker and in return you'd receive an almost-weaponized look of scorn. (The scornful look communicated volumes. You like nails on a… Continue reading A Place Called Home

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ReBlog: You Don’t Know Beans

Did I mention I have two terrific daughters? Why yes, as a matter of fact I do believe I did ... just yesterday it seems! The younger one has become an impressive homemaker ... far exceeding my limited proclivities. (I acknowledge lots of people under the age of forty or fifty cringe at the thought of… Continue reading ReBlog: You Don’t Know Beans

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Beauty . . . In Aging

As we age, it seems to me there's a great deal of looking back. We become naturally more reflective. We measure our lives as a way of answering some pointed questions. Did my life matter? Did I accomplish something that will remain after I'm gone? Recently, I came across a fascinating project produced by the… Continue reading Beauty . . . In Aging

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Archibald Alexander Leach*

If you're part of the Baby Boomer demographic, you probably remember playing interactive games that didn't flash before you on a screen. (If you're younger, maybe that era seems almost unimaginable to you!) One game we played back then was Charades. The game didn't require specific equipment or a deck of cards or a game… Continue reading Archibald Alexander Leach*

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Like Broken Glass

In other posts, I've mentioned my tendency to get caught up in the life stories and heart-wrenching experiences of my friends. Today's sonnet is one I wrote after a friend told me about the breakup of her marriage.  

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Day Of Rest

Around our house, Sundays are usually a time to kick back and enjoy some relaxation. The poem below uses the term Sabbath in a somewhat metaphorical sense. (Please don't think my intention is to demean the biblical Sabbath as celebrated by many Jews and some Christians.) This poem is (who would have guessed?) a sonnet,… Continue reading Day Of Rest

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Letter From A Friend

Happy Birthday, George Washington! Yes, today is the birthday (in 1732) of our country's first President. I think it is a day for honoring the contribution President Washington made at a crucial time in the birth of our nation, but also, to honor his efforts that came earlier, before the possibility of our becoming an independent… Continue reading Letter From A Friend

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The Wait Of Silence

Looking for a post about silence? Allow me to explain about an unabated, extended silence ... nearing its eighth year. First, let me introduce to you a twenty-something young man (first guy on the right, in this 2005 picture at left), seemingly happy and carefree, attending (at that time) a nearby university. The photo shows him… Continue reading The Wait Of Silence

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Only Evil Continually

Evil exists in our world. Two days ago, this evil was embodied by a 45 year old Springfield, Missouri man wearing a baseball cap, longish gray hair and a beard, a man who drove a tan Ford Ranger. (His name or picture isn't relevant here. Evil Beast [EB] will do as a fitting descriptor.) The EB… Continue reading Only Evil Continually