Every poet has a unique process for creating. Though all poets start with the same raw material (we employ words), we set words to work in a variety of ways.

What I like to do is roll words around in my brain. Eventually, combinations begin to form! Occasionally, several combinations form in quick succession. When that happens, I’ve learned I need to write them down asap because if I get distracted (and that tends to happen far too often!), the snippets vanish almost as quickly. Ha! I have enough snippets scrawled onto scrap paper and collected in a folder, I don’t think I’ll ever finish them all.

This piece of whimsy expresses some of what I keep in mind as I write. (I guess you might say I write pieces like this one to remind myself what’s important!) The poem isn’t meant to be brilliant, just a lighthearted approach to verse. Enjoy!

Modus-Operandi, poetry, writing poetry, light verse, tickle me with poetry, poem

Poem: Modus Operandi