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Noah Found Grace

Earlier today, I heard a good bit of thunder, looked out my window and saw it was raining. But by midday, the rain had stopped and eventually the sun shone brightly. As someone familiar with rain, I knew it would eventually end. For the last couple weeks, there's been no end of talk about the new… Continue reading Noah Found Grace

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Where Kudzu Grows

Today in Savannah, Georgia, a parade and street fair were celebrated to honor the memory of writer Flannery O'Connor. If you've read much of this blog, you'll be familiar with posts I've written about her. I'm often reminded of O'Connor when I come across Pulitzer Prize winner (for editorial writing) Paul Greenberg's occasional discussions of the… Continue reading Where Kudzu Grows

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The More We Learn . . .

The posts at Serious Thoughts Taken Not So Seriously blog offer a refreshingly honest look at the world. A wife, mom and all-around versatile writer living in New York, Kate Bortell's posts frequently pique my interest because she provides an engaging and playful take on sometimes mundane topics. As an example, her March 22nd post, "The more I learn the less… Continue reading The More We Learn . . .

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God Puts The Lonely In Families

After yesterday's post, I decided I needed to expand today on the details I mentioned about my younger sister. (So if you haven't read that post about my older/younger sister, you might go back and read that first.) When my sister Nadja died, I was 6½ years old. Hers was the first death I'd encountered… Continue reading God Puts The Lonely In Families

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Safe In His Arms

Less than two weeks from today, my family and I will quietly acknowledge the short life of my younger sister, Nadja Kaye Stricker. She was born on April 8, 1954 and died on July 30, 1955 of intussusception, a medical condition that causes a portion of the intestine to telescope within itself. When the condition… Continue reading Safe In His Arms

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Listening Classically

In multiple other posts on this blog, I've written about music. From the time I was old enough to verbalize, I sang. All through my early years, I soloed often and joined with various music groups to express myself vocally. After I sang a class assignment (rather than speaking it), my seventh grade speech teacher declared I'd be… Continue reading Listening Classically

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Evil . . . Quiet and Tidy

It's called Waste-to-Energy and sounds like a practical but innocuous program where waste products are incinerated to generate energy. But the program has come under new scrutiny with the recent revelation that hospitals in the UK acknowledged at least 15,500 dead babies (some aborted and others from miscarriages) have been intentionally incinerated as "clinical waste."… Continue reading Evil . . . Quiet and Tidy

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Sneezing Into Spring

Spring! A season of rebirth, of new beginnings, of enjoying the outdoors and sunshine. So delightful for almost everyone! And so miserable for those of us who suffer allergies! As glad as I am to say goodbye to Winter, the onset of seasonal allergies has a way of making me wish for another hard freeze.… Continue reading Sneezing Into Spring

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Breaking Away

During the early years of my life, Sunday was actually considered a "day of rest." We'd spend the morning attending Sunday School and Church, of course, but after we'd had lunch, everyone laid down for a mid-afternoon nap. The house was probably quieter than any other time of the week. It was a respite from… Continue reading Breaking Away

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Each One, A Precious Gift

Yesterday was World Down Syndrome Day. In a post I wrote last year, The Quest for Perfect, I included a video link that featured my niece, Charlotte (shown to the left). Then not long ago, my daughter-in-law told me her good friend was pregnant and fearful the child she carried had Down syndrome. My response was… Continue reading Each One, A Precious Gift