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Doing Lunch

During the first few years of our marriage, my Beloved and I often visited family located in other states. On one visit to Kansas where his grandparents lived, his grandmother (Georgia) presented me with one of her prized possessions, the plate pictured below. When she gave us the plate, I felt a bit sheepish about accepting it because… Continue reading Doing Lunch

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Sky Sometimes Falls

Wikipedia provides an interesting chart (pictured below) reflecting the status of alcoholic beverage sales by county throughout the United States. The blue counties are wet, the red counties are dry, the yellow counties are a mixture and both West Virginia and Louisiana are governed by local preference. The 75 counties in my state of Arkansas present a colorful tapestry of… Continue reading Sky Sometimes Falls

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My friend Joseph is, like me, keenly interested in family history. His interest, however, is much more highly motivated than is my hobby-based approach to beginnings. Joseph began his life (some forty-nine years ago) as an infant without a name or known family; he was placed in a blanket-lined basket and abandoned without explanation on the… Continue reading Beginnings

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Love That Will Not Let Me Go

It's a week since we celebrated the Resurrection of Jesus. I've been contemplating this amazing event all week, trying to look at the event through unjaded eyes. We have a tendency to celebrate the day and then move on through our lives ... as if this pivotal event has relevance exclusively on Easter morning. Think of… Continue reading Love That Will Not Let Me Go

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No Plastic, Please

For as long as I can remember, I've been an incorrigible romantic. I suppose the first love of my life was my daddy. By the time I was in junior high, I'd experienced the usual pre-teen pangs of first love ... and first heartbreak as well. My first heartbreak was thoroughly distressing, but it didn't sour… Continue reading No Plastic, Please

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Minimal Verse

Few words today (I'm sad to say) Beyond these six pathetic lines of verse. I had no play Just worked all day And no more words than this could I coerce!

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Egg-istential Art

Does anyone doubt that culture has entered its death spiral?!! Every time I read one of these stories, I'm reminded that -- in the name of hipness, edgy "art" and avant garde pretension − we've descended into the absurd. Read about it here and here and here. I wish I could say this expression of "art" is… Continue reading Egg-istential Art

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Put On Your Sonnet Bonnet!

April isn't over, so even though I haven't mentioned it in recent posts, we're still celebrating National Poetry Month! Regular readers of my blog know my fondness for the sonnet form. Posts from July 30, 2010 and October 23, 2013 relate one of my goals was (is) to write one hundred sonnets. The earlier post mentioned that I'd… Continue reading Put On Your Sonnet Bonnet!

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Dog Blog

People who know me quickly come to understand I'm not a dog lover. It is a fact of my life about which I've recently had some serious pangs of guilt. I believe all animals are God's creatures. Because God created them, they deserve respect from humans. Almost every family that has a dog (or dogs) has… Continue reading Dog Blog

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Who Likes Change?

Out with the old ... in with the new? For my subscribers, this blog is recognizably different than a week ago. My younger daughter, the Chatelaine of Raising Camelot, had grown tired of the blood platelet template. Because she's talented and able to create the best designs, she went to work! At the same time she set… Continue reading Who Likes Change?