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Poker Night, Out

We had weekend guests, so predictably, the schedule included a competitive game of Texas Hold 'em. No money on the line, just bragging rights. From time to time, I'll join in the play, but because I'm easily bored, the game often wears me out (long before it's been brought to a conclusion). On this occasion, my daughter-in-law (DIL)… Continue reading Poker Night, Out

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Just Believe?

Earlier in the year, I viewed an advertising tease for a new television series titled Believe. The fantasy, drama, science fiction aspects of the series sounded intriguing. Combining all those elements into a successful production, though, seemed (to me) as if it would be an impossible challenge, except on the list of executive producers was the highly-regarded J.… Continue reading Just Believe?

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Gardening Perfection

My raised garden bed is directly next to our driveway. Every single time I drive down the lane (slightly less than 400 feet to the street), I pass by that garden bed. Every single time I return home and bring my car up the lane and into the garage, I pass by that garden bed once more. The picture… Continue reading Gardening Perfection

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Bridge To Nowhere

It's almost impossible for me to comprehend the insane grief a family experiences when one of their members suddenly dies. When that death comes through suicide or homicide, the agony is no doubt compounded many times over. (Thankfully, sudden deaths have been rare in my family.) Two stories from today's news provide a glimpse into bewildering family tragedies that… Continue reading Bridge To Nowhere

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Bubble Headed?

There's a saying "Confession is good for the soul." (Even though that's not quite the entire phrase, stick with me on this, will you please?) Since I'm confident it will be good for my soul, I have a confession to make. I ... chew ... gum. Yes, I do. (Yes, even at my age.) And, I… Continue reading Bubble Headed?

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Let Me Count The Notes

Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote a sonnet that begins:  How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. It is one of my favorites and one I re-read frequently. Instead of counting the ways, today I count notes. There was once a television show called Name That Tune which my Beloved and I enjoyed watching. Because… Continue reading Let Me Count The Notes

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What Is Truth?

Gathering for dinner one night last week, my Beloved and I were already seated when our four-year-old grandson H. arrived at the table in a rush, clearly hungry. Before lighting in his chair, he reached out to snatch a biscuit from the basket. My Beloved redirected the boy's hand while asking, "Did you wash your… Continue reading What Is Truth?

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The Sometimes Savage God

Bad things happen to people. Notice I didn't say bad things happen to good people. Bad things happen to all people, good and bad. In the colloquial, it's often expressed as: Spit Happens. And indeed, it does. In recent days, there's been a flood of discussion about rape culture. Though I didn't actually employ that specific… Continue reading The Sometimes Savage God

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That’s The Way It Is

It might surprise some folks that the inimitable Walter Cronkite once hosted a Saturday morning television series. Having transitioned from its beginning as a radio series during the late 1940s, the CBS television series ran from 1953 to 1957. Weekly broadcasts centered around historical events illustrated with dramatic re-enactments. The show was titled You Are There and was broadcast… Continue reading That’s The Way It Is

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Silly Saturday

A light-hearted poem for a lazy Saturday. Need I say more?