Outdoor Fete

UPDATE:  WholeMama Amy Henry posted a wonderful piece today that encapsulates what I had hoped to say (in my post below) … but she says it so much better. I highly recommend her post!

A lovely young woman … a handsome young man … as we all know, this magical combination often leads to love and marriage. Young, starry-eyed couples with their entire lives mostly ahead of them decide they can’t live without each other and they tie the knot.bridal-shower-dessert-buffet-1

Weddings do take place in months other than June, the month usually associated with weddings. According to one source, July and August are also popular wedding months. We’ve had some friends celebrate the marriages of their offspring, so it’s natural for me to reflect on the young folks involved as well as on one specific wedding (over 44 years ago) with which I’m most familiar.

Serving the cake and ice cream for a wedding shower today, I admired the poise of this young couple about to begin their life together. They’ll be moving near his home town, some six hours or so away, a big step for a young woman so close to her mamma. (I know, because it was the same for me.) Continue reading “Outdoor Fete”