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At Summer’s End

There's an old song from a 1935 George Gershwin folk opera (Porgy and Bess) that goes this way: I've been thinking about this song as the end of summer unofficially comes tomorrow. From my point of view, even in summertime the livin' is far from easy. Especially for the fictional Porgy (the central character of the opera), life is… Continue reading At Summer’s End

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Battle Lines

With all the chatter in the news and online about the so-called "militarization of local police departments," I decided it was time to pitch in my two cents. In the days following #Ferguson, the hue and cry has been incessant. Commentators who had previously broached the subject (of supposed militarization) nodded their heads, anxious to remind… Continue reading Battle Lines

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Eighty-Eight Ways

Today is my dear mother's eighty-eighth birthday! Because she's my hero, all week long (in anticipation of her birthday) I've been planning to list eighty-eight ways in which I think she's great. I began the list, but as I reflected on her life, I felt like it wasn't really fair to compile a list ...… Continue reading Eighty-Eight Ways

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Beauty Is . . .

Our daughter-in-law adopted a young lady this week. (It was only temporary.) The young lady happened to mention to S. that she was entering a beauty competition for Miss Carroll County (AR) which was one of the competitions that launched S.'s beauty pageant experience! DIL's shop, Vintage Violet Boutique, sponsored this young lady in the 2014… Continue reading Beauty Is . . .

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Challenge Me

People who know me know that one of my personality quirks is an eagerness to take on almost any challenge. Don't misunderstand me. I'm not saying I'm incapable of refusing a DARE. In my view, dares are slightly different than challenges. I don't respond to dares in the same way, though I can't deny I've been… Continue reading Challenge Me

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School Time Blues

News reports the last couple days are buzzing about the American Academy of Pediatrics report advocating later start times for the school day. This idea, they say, would prove advantageous for children, promoting better mental alertness and general health for kids (especially teens). As a professional association of more than 60,000 pediatricians, AAP is advocating that the school-day start about 8:30 a.m.… Continue reading School Time Blues

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Writing To Distraction

Discussing the possibility of purchasing a piece of property this weekend, my Beloved and I were contemplating potential uses for a 10-acre wooded rural space with its fixer-upper 1,000+ square foot house. Because it's 30 minutes away, the distance was a huge sticking point for him. The ten acres (and the bargain selling price) appealed to me.… Continue reading Writing To Distraction

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Tin Can Alley

One of the amusing things about blogging is the Spam that seems to be an integral part of the territory. Spam ... that delectable Hormel product introduced in 1937 and popularized during World War II ... isn't just for the food pantry anymore. It's an indispensable element of the World Wide Web experience! Given his… Continue reading Tin Can Alley

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Wanted: Computer Nerd ASAP

Since about 1992, I've been working with computers. In those early days, I ignored my younger brother's advice to go with Mac (what did he know ... he was my kid brother after all). I wholeheartedly jumped on the Windows 3.1 bandwagon. We had dial-up internet and as I recall, the speed (theoretically) was in… Continue reading Wanted: Computer Nerd ASAP

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Summer Camp Redux

A couple weeks ago, one of my posts was a spoof on Summer Camp. Following that post, I had not expected to undergo a mild case of nostalgia after remembering various aspects of my actual summer camp experience during my youth. I was surprised at the flood of memories that came to mind! In predictable fashion,… Continue reading Summer Camp Redux