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Stop! In The Name of the Law!

As I compose this post, I feel it's necessary to say I'm not intentionally picking on Governor Jerry Brown. It may seem so to some readers who read yesterday's post, but honestly, the things that go on in California are so removed from my life as to be superficial ... though not inconsequential, since the wacky… Continue reading Stop! In The Name of the Law!

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The news is out ... and it's good, really, really good! The state of California has passed and the Governor (Jerry "Moon-Beam" Brown) has signed legislation declaring that "Yes Means Yes." Wow. For myself, I am greatly relieved, because I have been operating under the ridiculous notion that yes might mean no or yes might mean… Continue reading Affirma-confusion

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As someone who loves words and finds them endlessly fascinating, I enjoy sounds and word length and the playful ways in which I can use words. Looking through some older books, I came across a poem I had written in 1986 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Arkansas statehood. I remember this celebration was a… Continue reading Sesqui-brations

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Horrific things don't happen in the middle of the country ... at least that's what we who live in the middle of the country have believed for as long as I can recall. Life is usually quiet and laid back and mostly carefree. Don't get me wrong. I know bad things do sometimes happen. Parts… Continue reading Radicalized

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A Placed Called Hope

There's a town in Arkansas called Hope, the town from which both former President Bill Clinton and former Governor Mike Huckabee hail. Like many towns in Arkansas, Hope's a small town, intersected by Interstate 30 and within easy reach of Texarkana and the Texas/Arkansas line. It's home to the annual Watermelon Festival. With his characteristically folksy manner,… Continue reading A Placed Called Hope

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P. M. S.

There will be no PMS (Parked Motorcycle Syndrome) this weekend. Instead, we will listen to the recognizable rumble of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, the liquid roar of Honda sport bikes and the impatient screams of Suzuki power bikes. These sounds are mingling in the air and reverberating across the hills of northwest Arkansas this weekend as the Fifteenth… Continue reading P. M. S.

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Beauty Treatment

Anointed by Newsweek as the "most beautiful film actress of all time," Jacqueline Bisset's career has spanned almost fifty years. With her fresh-faced appeal and elegant British manner, she enjoyed early film roles opposite Frank Sinatra and Steve McQueen. Subsequent roles paired her with many of Hollywood's leading men. Today at 70 years of age,… Continue reading Beauty Treatment

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Blessed Are the Poor

Several weeks ago, my brother-in-law emailed an opinion piece from The New York Times titled What Makes People Poor? by Thomas B. Edsall. Considering my post about our current economy, the Edsall piece has provoked added reflection for me. A simple Google search on "poverty" produces websites and articles in abundance. At least one offers mind-numbing statistics on worldwide… Continue reading Blessed Are the Poor

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Where’s Wilbur?

Autumn is definitely in the air. As I've grown older, my appreciation for the season has increased. Several weeks ago, I spied a spider outside one of my office windows. It was large ... and scary. Then last week, I noticed the web was there but the spider had disappeared. (My first hope was it hadn't… Continue reading Where’s Wilbur?

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Down On PBS

The new season of Downton Abbey airs tonight! I'm so excited to have another peek into the lives of the ever-changing upstairs Crawley family and their downstairs professional assistants! Can't wait! Wandering around the internet, I found a link that brought me to this web page and of course, I began looking forward to this evening to… Continue reading Down On PBS