Grandkids Are So Grand

An unexpected treat today … the T-town grandchildren have come over to play! Since we have a granddaughter preparing to celebrate her third birthday tomorrow, being part of the celebration was a pleasure we didn’t want to miss. So instead of ranting on one subject or another, I shall pictorially “rave” over these delightful little ones.

Granddaughter and I went “shopping” this afternoon at a vintage market. She found a pair of fancy gold lamé heels and a small handbag (with a tortoise shell closure) to her liking. Before we could get the purchases home, she had removed her tennis shoes and slipped on the heels and begged money (pennies) for the handbag. Here’s a picture of this little beauty. Check out those gold open-toe shoes; she actually has them on the wrong feet. The birthday is officially tomorrow, but she’ll likely take these fashion items to bed with her.

Miss V.
Miss V.

Then we have the three boys, G., T., and H. (who with his parents lives here temporarily). Do you know how difficult it is to get three boys to sit still and look nice for the camera?!!

T., G., and H.
T., G., and H.
2014-09-13 19.24.32
T., G., and H. again … wiggle worms!

Grandkids trump blogging every time. Just look at them! Would you writing … or playing cowboys and indians and dress-up? I’m choosing the latter.

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