Going Home

Heading off to college for me was a family experience. My dad would load into the family vehicle all the belongings I thought I needed, my mom would pack sandwiches and snacks into a cooler, and we’d move on down the road with at least two of my siblings coming along for the ride. The first year, we headed north to Oak Park, IL. The second year, we traveled southwest to Siloam Springs, AR and I became a transfer student at John Brown University.JBU3

Having spent my freshman year of college in a suburban setting, I still remember that initial drive through sleepy little Siloam Springs (less than 6,000 people at that time) to its western border. The tree-canopied lane (West University Street) that meanders along Sager Creek from downtown Siloam Springs leads west toward Oklahoma but makes a gentle right turn as the above sign comes into view. (Half a mile more and you’ll transition from Arkansas into Oklahoma.) With this stark contrast (from where I’d spent my first year), I committed that scene to memory, thinking to myself, while not ivy league, this idyllic setting definitely epitomized the halls of ivy as I’d imagined them. Continue reading “Going Home”