Girl Trouble

From about the time children reach two or three years of age, they are quite good at expressing their independent natures. “I can do it myself!” It’s a common exclamation. Once a child has learned he or she is a unique individual, the natural inclination is to seek autonomy.

Driven to Drive
Driven to Drive

This natural inclination sets up an interesting situation for parents. In the picture above, our elder son (now a motorcycle police officer) was permitted to take a short ride around the yard with a friend who’d ridden to our house on his motorcycle. I think the boy may have been three years old at the time.

Before his birth, this child embodied perpetual motion. By the time he was two years old, he was riding a two-wheel bike (sans training wheels). Once, I left the car running (with him buckled into a car seat) and sprinted into the house. When I hurried back to the car, my son was ensconced in the driver’s seat reaching his hand to the steering column gear shift … about to throw it in gear! He’d seen this action often … and knew he could make it happen! “I can do it myself!” Continue reading “Girl Trouble”