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Weigh Suffering

How much does suffering weigh? A simple Google search (the weight of suffering) yields millions of hits. Some links show various books about suffering in the world, others relate to losing girth and poundage, while others focus on suffering as a path to deeper trust or (in some cases) nirvana. The contexts are sociological and philosophical (addressing… Continue reading Weigh Suffering

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Joy In The Journey

With the celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday behind us, many people turn their attention to Christmas shopping and the numerous tasks at hand which can no longer be postponed. For me, my attentions don't immediately gravitate to shopping and presents (though that will come). At this time of year (more than at any other time of… Continue reading Joy In The Journey

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A Full Life and Long

When I first heard of P.D. James (many long years ago), I initially thought she was a he. I mean, how many women prefer to be known by their initials rather than their actual names? When I heard yesterday that Baroness James had died at the age of 94, I can't deny I thought with regret… Continue reading A Full Life and Long

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Happy Thanksgiving!

To each and every reader of this blog, I offer you my heartiest greeting for a special time of joy and Thanksgiving celebration today! Whatever your concerns, I pray God will provide His abundant grace to meet your needs. May His peace enfold you with the knowledge you're loved. May God continue to lavish His blessings… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving!

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With Grateful Thanks

Throughout time, people have celebrated times of thanksgiving, occasions during which they paused to consider the blessings of a year, a decade, a lifetime ... as well as the lives of others who've blessed them. When Abraham Lincoln declared an official time of Thanksgiving, it was 1863 – war was still raging. But he took time out… Continue reading With Grateful Thanks

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Immolation Play

“Nothing left.” That’s how St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar described the situation after a night of looting and burning and misconduct in Ferguson MO. He gets more specific when he explains between Solway Avenue (on the south) and Chambers Road (north), all along West Florissant Avenue, the destruction is so substantial, there is… Continue reading Immolation Play

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Prep Work? Done!

My daddy dropped out of school before completing the eighth grade. This would have been sometime in the mid to late 1930s. In his teens, he (along with his brothers, two older and one younger) was anxious to go and do and be. Remaining in school was an impediment to the lure of pleasures that beckoned beyond the… Continue reading Prep Work? Done!

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Comfort the Afflicted

Close friends can be like physicians. It's okay if they're present when you feel your worst and it's okay if they're present to help you mend. They see you at your best, but because they're friends, they're also permitted to see you when you're disheveled and even teetering at what seems death's door. Job's friends… Continue reading Comfort the Afflicted

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GroupThink On Campus

At Oxford, no less! The story this week shows how discourse on college campuses has become utterly homogenized. It began when the Oxford Students For Life (OSFL) announced they planned to sponsor a traditional debate on the affirmative motion:  "This House Believes Britain's Abortion Culture Hurts Us All." Two individuals were scheduled to deliver their responses to… Continue reading GroupThink On Campus

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Expect Nothing!

My printer/copy machine is just about the most reliable piece of machinery I have. The timer on my stove lets me down. It's on the other side of the house from my office, so when the buzzer sounds while I'm in my office, I often fail to hear ... and it stops buzzing after about… Continue reading Expect Nothing!