O, The Deep Love!

When my children were babies, there were many nights I’d lie with them in my bed until they fell asleep. Once sound asleep, they’d be carried to another bedroom and a familiar crib for the remainder of the night (hopefully). This routine allowed for cuddle time and a peaceful transition from wake to sleep with a minimum of commotion and/or distraction. For very young ones, getting into a good sleep routine can be difficult.i_am_with_you_nathan_greene

Of course, the habit of bedtime stories started at an early age. Once the story ended though, cuddle time began in earnest. Because our bed was (is) a waterbed, it was easier for me to “rock” my babies to the motion of a waterbed than with the creaky, squeaky sounds of an upright rocking chair. I’d engage a gentle back and forth motion on the bed and the babe would quickly relax into this subtle reminder of his or her in utero development.

During those quiet times together when I could tell the child was struggling for sleep that wouldn’t come (even with the rocking motion), I’d quietly sing a song in the child’s ear, usually Jesus Loves Me. Whether I sang through the song once or even several times, the soft music delivered a calming response as the child’s breathing would slow and stabilize to tranquil relaxation. Continue reading “O, The Deep Love!”