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Onward To 2015

Okay, we're coming up on the hour when you'll want to grab that bottle of bubbly and pop the cork to welcome in another New Year ... or is it the time to give the old year a boot in the rear as it slinks out the proverbial door? Or, maybe it's both? Whatever your understanding… Continue reading Onward To 2015

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Granny Style

When we woke up this morning, it was not to the sounds of an alarm clock. Three-year old V. opened our bedroom door and announced, “It’s seven o’clock. Time to get up!” (I have to admit, it was actually seven thirty. All this recent focus on the cuckoo clock has provided her with a sense of… Continue reading Granny Style

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Secondhand Mom

Last week, my daughter-in-law (DIL) scoffed at me. She suggested I had a monumental challenge ahead of me this week:  watching three of my grandchildren while their parents traveled to Houston to attend the Texas Bowl. (The game takes place this evening, beginning at 8 p.m.) With her usual candor, DIL asked, "How are you going to… Continue reading Secondhand Mom

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Suffering, Womb To Tomb

This is the tenth week for my personal challenge to write sonnets through the Book of Job. I began this journey back in October and ten weeks in, a pattern is emerging. If it seems as though there's similarity between the chapters so far, it's because there is! Job's former life was relatively uncomplicated:  he had… Continue reading Suffering, Womb To Tomb

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Time In A Bottle

A number of years ago when my parents traveled in Germany, they sent a gift of a cuckoo clock back to the States for me. Having grown up in a home with a cuckoo clock, I have always loved them! My Beloved ... not so much, but like many of my idiosyncrasies, he tolerates them because he… Continue reading Time In A Bottle

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Making Room

Christmas 2014! We are blessed far more than we could ever deserve! The Christ-Child who became the crucified Savior is the biggest and best blessing of all. We've been talking this month about making room ... when Mary and Joseph arrived in Bethlehem (in order to be counted in the census and register in their home… Continue reading Making Room

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Birthday of A King

When our children were small, we usually tried to set aside time on Christmas Eve to read and briefly discuss the "real meaning" of Christmas. We understood how difficult it is for children to think of anything else on Christmas morning except for their intense excitement ... and the presents! No question, childlike exuberance is a sight… Continue reading Birthday of A King

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Cultivate Generosity

Maybe it's slightly redundant to talk about generosity within hours of our Christmas celebration. I mean this is the season when absolutely everyone goes out of their way to give cheerfully, right? The red kettles get stocked (as it were) for the coming year. Charities receive significant donations before year's end. Perhaps you're familiar with… Continue reading Cultivate Generosity

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Christmas Vision

Traditional Christmas carols have an enduring history. Some are more than a hundred years old. As for the remainder of Christmas music, the songs often don't enjoy a consistent following or annual play. Achieving Favorite status is a less likely long shot. When composer David Foster released his 1990 song Grown-Up Christmas List, the song wasn't a hit… Continue reading Christmas Vision

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Job’s Fatal Flaw

Another Sunday ... and another exchange between Job and his not-so-comforting friends. Job chapter 9 poses the monumental question:  how does mortal man bring himself into right standing with the Creator of the universe? Again, Blake's drawing (below) depicts Job looking upward, entreating the heavens for God's explanation. In this chapter, Job speaks once more, following Bildad's observations of the preceding… Continue reading Job’s Fatal Flaw