Terminal Affability

We’re sitting at a leisurely lunch. It’s Sunday afternoon and we’ve come to the restaurant directly from church – my Beloved, our grandson and our grandson’s best friend. The four of us are having relaxed conversation. Mostly though, I’m a quiet observer … the three of them are talking college football as well as the occasional reference to NFL players and games. Even though I’m a fan of the Razorbacks, football is not a subject about which I can add much to the conversation. It’s a different story for my Beloved, my grandson and his friend; the idea of watching ESPN game day shows from their start until their wrap-up – they devour it … hour after seemingly endless hour!feartusk_logo

So I’m sitting there, listening, making an occasional inane comment. I recognize names of Arkansas players, and I know the names of some coaches (mostly SEC teams). But long ago the musical chairs that characterizes the annual end-of-season routine made me realize I’d either have to go all-in (and consume endless hours to school myself on all things football) or be satisfied as a peripheral observer. I chose the latter. I don’t regret it. Continue reading “Terminal Affability”