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The Pay-Dirt of Good Intentions

An article on the HuffPost blog earlier this week caught my eye. Entitled 11 Things Empty Nesters Want Parents of Little Kids To Know, the author provides a list of observations ... all but the first tip coming from the author's friends who are already empty nesters. Apparently feeling the inevitable empty nest just around the… Continue reading The Pay-Dirt of Good Intentions

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Certifiably Married

Quick question ... for those of you who are married, do you know where your marriage certificate is? This document, most often provided to the married couple shortly after "I Do" and "I Will" have been spoken, is often a fancy piece of parchment that notes the names of the married partners and the place… Continue reading Certifiably Married

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Social Networking Before Facebook

Facebook ... so many people depend on this expansive social network ... it can even become an addiction where its unavailability feels like withdrawal for some. Then there are thousands of others who eschew the network ... they consider it trivial, they prefer their personal information and social connections not be publicly available. Launched in February of 2004, the Facebook network boasts… Continue reading Social Networking Before Facebook

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Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

Today is a day for sober reflection. No matter how often I interact with people from all walks of life who are suffering through various challenges in life, the question invariably crops up:  Why? and just as often, Why, God? It's an understandable question, almost as natural to our humanity as breathing. In some respects… Continue reading Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

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Renegade Nun, The Morning Star of Wittenberg

Important figures of history sometimes get pushed to the periphery as current figures take center stage. One such figure is Katharina von Bora, a renegade nun whose birth took place more than five hundred years ago this week. If the name is familiar at all, it may be because she was the wife of Martin Luther, who in… Continue reading Renegade Nun, The Morning Star of Wittenberg

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Practicing Peace In An Age Of War

Reminiscing with my mother today (via phone), I was reminded of the long-ago world she and my dad shared. As their world had convulsed from war to a tenuous peace, they began their life together 69 years ago this week. I had asked her a couple questions about my dad who, when I was a young… Continue reading Practicing Peace In An Age Of War

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Job: Life Is Hard . . . And Then You Die

Returning to Job today, chapter 14 brings us one-third way through the book. (To view earlier posts, they begin here and continue on successive Sundays.) With this chapter, Job continues his response ... but he's no longer addressing his friends. He has, in fact, realized they already have their minds made up (about his perceived sin),… Continue reading Job: Life Is Hard . . . And Then You Die

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The Lion’s Roar, A Tribute to The Greatest Briton

It is perhaps an appropriate occasion (as a follow-up to yesterday's post) to mention the fifty-year anniversary today of the death of Winston Churchill. Voted in 2002 (thirty-seven years after his death) the Greatest Briton, Churchill topped a list that included the names of William Wilberforce, J. R. R. Tolkien, Jane Austen, William Blake, William… Continue reading The Lion’s Roar, A Tribute to The Greatest Briton

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Foyle(d) Again, Love Affair for Another Time and Place

Something strange has happened to me over the last couple months. It was totally unexpected and I was blindsided ... I fell in love again! (Please don't tell my Beloved, though I think he's beginning to suspect!) I'm having trouble understanding myself of course, because this is a love affair that completely goes against all… Continue reading Foyle(d) Again, Love Affair for Another Time and Place

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March For Life

An event that took place in our nation's capitol today, the annual March for Life, attracts a huge crowd of marchers ... but often fails to garner more than cursory attention from the nightly news. (Digital accounts usually offer some attention.) In the March for Life, people from around the country gather to mark the 1973 Roe… Continue reading March For Life