Conversation, Consolation, Condemnation

Conversations can be tricky. A friendly discussion has the potential to take a turn into unpleasantness or disputation, if and when a differing point of view is pressed. People who were cordial and overflowing with goodwill suddenly become antagonistic and difficult and full of condemnation. The friendly discussion is transformed to argument that can lead to hostility and name-calling and even fisticuffs if the parties are inclined to carry things that far!


This is where Job finds himself in Chapter 15 of The Book of Job. As the first round of point/counterpoint between Job and his friends has closed out (chapters 4 through 14), the tension has begun to rise. Job maintains his innocence … his suffering and pain are not the result of sin in his life, he insists.

But the friends, having come to Job’s side in order to comfort him, have a different point of view. In their separate discourses, they suggest Job must have some hidden sin, something so heinous that God is forced to rain down His wrath. Continue reading “Conversation, Consolation, Condemnation”