DHS . . . Friend or Foe?

About ten years ago, my elder daughter picked up her son from his junior high school and headed home. In the car with them was my daughter’s infant, swaddled within the confines of a federal- and state-mandated and approved infant car seat. A stop at the pharmacy was necessary and the infant was fast asleep in the relative security of her car seat.pharmacy_lg1My daughter parked the car, leaving strict instructions with the twelve-year-old to stay in the car, doors locked, and finish his homework. He was seated next to his sister (in her rear-facing car seat) so he could see every move the baby made. Confident in her son’s ability, my daughter hurried into the pharmacy.

During the few minutes my daughter was inside, a professional busybody (PBB) noticed the infant and took immediate action. Completely ignoring the presence of a twelve-year-old boy in the vehicle beside his sleeping sister, this PBB haughtily stood beside the vehicle and used her cell phone to dial DHS (Department of Human Services) or CPS (Child Protective Services) or whatever it’s called in her state. (Are there actually people who keep CPS on speed-dial?!)

From the moment my daughter emerged from the pharmacy, the PBB verbally accosted her, intent on making a scene. PBB railed at my daughter for leaving an infant “unattended” in a vehicle. PBB went on to inform my daughter that the proper agency had been notified and agents were on their way to remedy the dangerous situation.grinch_stole_children

My daughter’s initial response was to explain the infant was not alone. PBB answered, an eight-or-nine-year-old isn’t “old enough” to care for a baby. With this, my daughter realized she wasn’t dealing with a rational individual and she prepared to drive away. But the PBB would have none of it; she threatened my daughter against leaving before CPS agents arrived.

Thankfully, my daughter is a wise woman. Even though PBB recorded the car license plate, my daughter took her family home. Whether there was a follow-up phone call from CPS, I can’t remember, but the whole affair was troubling.

Over the years, I have seen children yanked from good homes on far too many occasions. Back in January, I posted about an Arkansas family whose seven children were taken from the home (supposedly for what was to be only a 72-hour check). These children are still not restored to their parents and home … but no formal charges have been raised.

I have also witnessed parents being bullied and demeaned, cowed by fear into complying with whatever demands the CPS authorities dictate. The threat is always, you do what we say or we’ll remove your children from your home. As the CPS remains veiled from public view and they rely on constraints of “confidentiality,” these agencies are conveniently shielded from scrutiny.Overruled

Children with health issues are especially vulnerable. Teenager Justina Pelletier experienced a 16-month separation from her family because CPS authorities (and medical personnel) disagreed with the parents about both diagnosis and treatment. A much younger child in California suffering with a heart condition was removed from his parents’ custody, again due to disagreements over treatment.

A year ago, National Review author Melissa Moschella wrote about another family challenged by a Legal Kidnapping. More recently, twins were removed and the issue appears to have been the family’s choice of home birth, although the twins were delivered safely and without complications, as on-site paramedics confirmed.

It seems to me the incidence of CPS/DHS/DCF interventions is increasing almost beyond comprehension! What troubles me most is parents are rarely tried and convicted of crimes – but their children are abruptly removed from homes (sometimes with a mass show of law enforcement and peripheral agency presence) – without so much as a simple explanation! There is no due process, and if it suits an agenda, these authorities seem ready and willing to utilize deception.

In such cases, children are often traumatized and confused. No one should dare claim this is “in the best interests of the children” as members of these agencies often suggest, cloaking their seizure actions with the veneer of nobility.

MoralesAuthor Carlos Morales is a whistleblower who documents, in a book titled Legally Kidnapped, how CPS wreaks havoc with their unwarranted intrusions into families. Based on his experience as a CPS operative, Morales tells a tale of horrendous injustices done in the name of “child protection.

In my view, as long as DHS/CPS/DCF continue their mission of search-and-destroy, they are NOT a friend of the family. Their intimidating practices – and the intrusiveness of PBBs who abet their intimidation – will gain power for their agencies while at the same time doing significant damage to the children they say they want to “help.”

I’m reminded of a familiar Reaganism about the nine most terrifying words in the English language:  I’m from the government and I’m here to help. If you answer the door and someone makes that claim, protect your own children by closing the door as quickly as possible! Then call a highly-qualified bada$$ attorney.